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General British History Resources   Suggest a Link
Bodleian Library (Oxford U.)
The British Library (Manuscripts collections homepage)
British Public Record Office Archival Material Held at Stanford and Selected U.S. Libraries (Jonsson Library, Stanford U.)
British Association for Local History (homepage for society, including information and a page of research-related sites) (BALH, Ashbourne, UK)
Cambridge University Library (Department of Manuscripts and University Archives)
EuroDocs: History of the United Kingdom: Primary Documents (links to "transcriptions, facsimiles and translations" of key historical documents) (Richard Hacken, Brigham Young U.)
National Archives (homepage for UK government site)
Gardiner's Atlas of English History (historical maps from Gardiner's 1892 historical atlas) (Pam Rietsch)
John E. Muter Bloody, Bloody Britain: Battles on British Soil, 55 BC-1797 (lists of battles with texts on background, plus bibliography) (Alex's Military History)
Britannia: History
Britannia: British History Homepage (numerous subjects, arranged by subject or by time period, from the Britannia site)
Monarchs Homepage (monarchs of British kingdom, with brief bios and genealogies) (Britannia)
Prime Ministers: Homepage (biographies) (Britannia)
Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History (homepage, with lists of papers, arranged by topic, on the UK, but with a focus on Southwest England) (Ian Maxted, Devon County Council)
Center for Western European Studies: United Kingdom (links to sites devoted to historical and contemporary studies of Enlgand, Scotland, and Wales) (Phil Wilkin, U. of Pittsburgh)
Cornwall: Heritage and History (links to articles, archivs, and images) (Cornish City Council)
EuroDocs: History of the United Kingdom: Primary Documents (links to "transcriptions, facsimiles and translations" of key historical documents) (Richard Hacken, Brigham Young U.)
The British Monarchy: The Official Web Site 
The United Kingdom Parliament (homepage, including links to historical archives and exhibitions)
Royal Genealogies: Homepage (conversion of the ROYAL92.GED Gedcom file from the ROOTS-L list into HTML, with index) (Henry Churchyard, U. Texas, Austin)
H-Albion: The H-Net Discussion Network for British and Irish History (archived messages concerning historiography and related issues, teaching resources, links, and more) (Michigan State U.)
Ian's English Calendar (dating resource for students of English history and literature: "converts between old and new style dates, calculates day of the week, British regnal years, and the date of Easter and other moveable religious holidays") (Ian McInnes, Albion C., Albion, MI)
John Bull and Uncle Sam: Four Centuries of British-American Relations (virtual exhibit) (Library of COngress, Washington, DC)
Manx National Heritage (links to articles on history, archives, and images) (Isle of Man Government)
A Manx Notebook (links to various articles and sites about Manx culture and history) (Frances Coakley)
National Archives: Uniting the Kingdoms? 1066-1603 (virtual exhibits, with primary documents, maps, and more; sections on Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, and France) (National Archives, London, UK)
Naval History: Great Britain (links to primary sources, such as catalogues and contemporary journalistic pieces) (Lars Bruzelius)
An England Reading List (Universitätsbibliothek Mannheim)
A Comprehensive Online Guide to Writing About British and Irish History (searchable database of bibliography for British and Irish historical research) (Royal Historical Society, U. College, London)
Peter Higginbotham The Workhouse (history of the workhouse across Britain, Poor Laws, and related topics, 1601-1930; includes images, transcriptions, articles, and more)

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