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 •  Simon During (U. Melbourne),
General English Lit. Resources
General Criticism   Suggest a Link
(For Criticism Of Specific Periods Or Authors, See Appropriate Sections On The Main English Literature Page)
Cleanth Brooks, Community, Religion, and Literature, Essays (publisher's description)
Canon /Culture Wars: Essays and Resources (on Cultural Studies page) 
Computerphilologie: Ein Elektronisches Forum für Literaturwissenscaftler und Literaturwissenschaftlerinnen ("devoted to the study of literary criticism and includes a collection of links, the contents of some relevant journals and an electronic journal on the use of the computer in the humanities"; in German) (Karl Eibl, Volker Deubel und Fotis
Simon During (U. Melbourne),
Don Anderson (U. Sydney), "Teachers, Intellectuals, Politics" ("Surely one had a choice: merely to accept such interventionist restructuring of universities . . . or, on the other hand, to critique such New Statism"; extracted from longer piece published in 1995)
John Frow (U. Queensland), "Literature, Culture, Mirrors" (critique of both During's theses and Anderson's response; "The opposition set up here between cultural and literary studies is a phoney one. Cultural studies is a way of contextualizing texts, of any kind - of analysing the social relations of
Scott Heller, "Wearying of Cultural Studies, Some Scholars Rediscover Beauty" (1998) (article for Chronicle of Higher Education "Colloquy" discussion on "renewed attention to aesthetic criteria in criticism")
Nelson Hilton (U. Georgia), Lexis Complexes: Literary Interventions (1995) (full-text)
David S. Miall (U. Alberta), "Representing and Interpreting Literature by Computer" (1995) 
Mark Rose (U. California, Santa Barbara), "When is an Author?" (1997) (Thresholds)
Trevor Ross (Dalhousie U.), "The Emergence of 'Literature': Making and Reading the English Canon in the Eighteenth Century" (1996) (ELH; only accessible to institutions subscribing to Project Muse)
Sonnet Criticism (1575 -) (Sonnet Central)

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