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General Resources for 19th century European Art
Russian Art (19th-C. and Modern periods) (George Mitrevski / American Assoc. of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages)
Color Printing in the 19th Century (exhibition at Hugh M. Morris Library U. Delaware Library; includes explanations of
The Grand Tradition of Landscape (exhibition with introductory essays and images) (Sharon L. Hirsh, Dickinson C.)
The Art of Aubrey Beardsley: A Gallery of His Drawings (Glyphs)
John Constable
John Constable (bio with several pictures) (Webmuseum, Nicholas Pioch)
Henry Fuseli
Fuseli Page 
Margaret M. Giles
John Singer Sargent (Boston Museum of Fine Arts Exhibit, 1999)
The New Child: British Art & the Origins of Modern Childhood, 1730-1830 (1995 exhibition at the U. Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley)
Critical Essays By
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Archive (Jerome McGann, U. Virginia)
The Germ (Issue #1, 1850) (art and poetry periodical) (Melissa Kennedy & Matthew Kirschenbaum, U. Virginia)
William Morris
Founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement (anthology of primary sources, taken from W. Morris, W. Crane, O. Wilde and other key players in the Arts and Crafts movement, along with links) (J.R. Burrows and Company, Rockland, MA)
Saul Blumenthal (Massachusetts I. of Technology) The Kelmscott Chaucer (virtual exhibit, within the Print and the Book e-exhibit)
William Morris and His Circle (virtual exhibit, with articles and images, with sections on Morris's art, socialism, the history of his press, and more) (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, U. Texas, Austin)
William Morris (biography, with bibliography, especially of Morris's literary career) (Camelot Project, U. Rochester)
The Noble Craftsmen We Promote: Roots of Arts and Crafts (virtual exhibit page, focused on Morris and Ruskin and their influence on American theries of design) (Carlson Library, U. Toledo)
William Morris Why I Am a Socialist (1896) (excerpt, within Fordham U.'s Modern history Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)
The Pursuit of the Ideal: The Life and Art of William Morris (virtual exhibit, with sections on Writings, Socialism, the Kelmscott Press, and biography) (Special Collections Library, U. Michigan
William Morris Home Society 
William Morris (U. Toronto)
Ophelia's Mirror (collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings)
J. M. W. (Joseph Mallord William) Turner
Joseph Mallord William Turner (thumbnails and large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson, CGFA)
Indianapolis Museum of Art Turner Collection 
Ruskin on Turner (on English Literature: Victorian page) (Brief essay with links to Ruskin essays involving Turner.) (Karl-Erik Tallmo, Art-Bin)
Keelman Heaving in Coals by Night (National Galleryof Art, Washington D.C.)
WebMuseum: J. M. W. Turner (bio and some images) (Nicholas Pioch)
William Blake (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Johan Barthold Jongkind (Web Museum)
Vincent van Gogh (active in France) 
Alfred Sisley (English, active in France) (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Auguste Renoir (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Paul Cézanne
L'Exposition Cézanne (Réunion des Musées Nationaux / Musée d'Orsay, Tate Gallery, Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Meyer Schapiro on Cézanne (The Artchive)
Edgar Degas
Edgar Degas (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Eduoard Manet (The Artchive)
Eugéne Boudin (Boudins' photogarphy and portaraits also on this site) (Wet Canvas)
Eugene Delacroix (The Artchive)
The First Impressionist Exhibition, 1874 ("a virtual recreation of the history-making show organized in defiance of the Paris Salon. Twenty of the most important works are presented from eight of the artists") (Mark Harden / Texas.net Museum of Art)
Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin (The Artchve)
Paul Gauguin and the Russian Avantgarde (online page for exhibition at Ferrara Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Italy; includes 59 images) (Mauro Orlandini)
Gustave Caillebotte (Wet Canvas)
The Image of France (key-word indexing of the record of prints--engravings, lithographs, woodcuts, etc.--published in Paris in the Bibliographie de la France for 1811-17) (George D. Mckee, Binghamton U./ARTFL)
Marie Quiveron Bracquemond (Wet Canvas)
Claude Monet
Claude Monet: 1840-1926 (Art Institute of Chicago exhibit, 1995) (Glyphs)
Claude Oscar Monet (The Artchive)
Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh (WebMuseum)
Vincent van Gogh (Van Gogh Gallery)
Russian Art (19th-C. and Modern periods) George Mitrevski / American Assoc. of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages)
Francisco de Goya
Francisco Goya (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Francisco de Goya (Davison Art Center, Wesleyan)
In the Light of Goya (exhibition; Enrique Chagoya, Guest Curator )

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