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 •  Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
 •  World War II and the US
 •  Japanese-American History
 •  US_-Asian Affaris, 1900-44
U. S.
20th Century (To 1950)   Suggest a Link
America in the 1930's (multimedia presentations, including timeline) (U. of Virginia)
Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
Homepage (Jim Zwick, Syracuse U.)
African Americans in the Anti-Imperialist Movement 
Anti-Imperialist Writings by Edgar Lee Masters 
Mr. Dooley on Imperialism: Satire by Finley Peter Dunne ("Cartoon Finley Peter Dunne [1867-1936] began to write "Mr. Dooley" columns in Chicago newspapers long before the Spanish-American War began, but his national reputation was a product of that war")
Daniel B. Schirmer, "U.S. Racism and Intervention in the Third World, Past and Present" (1994) (Friends of the Filipino People Bulletin / Jim Zwick)
Sentenaryo/Centennial ("A Collaborative Exploration of the Cultural and Political Impacts of the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War")
Stereoscopic Visions of War and Empire (juxtaposes stereoscopic images distributed at the turn of the century with excerpts from letters sent home by U.S. soldiers fighting in the Philippines and printed in local newspapers)
Voice of the Filipinos (editorials from El Renacimiento)
Jim Zwick (Syracuse U.), "Imperialists and Anti-Imperialists: The Roots of American Non-Intervention Movements" (1990) (Friends of the Filipino People Bulletin)
The Evolution of the Conservation Movement: 1850-1920 (virtual exhibit) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Prosperity and Thrift: The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy, 1921-1929 (virtual exhibit) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
FDR Cartoon Collection Database (30,000 "political cartoons featuring Franklin D. Roosevelt and the activities of his administration dating from 1932 to 1943") (Paul Bachorz, Niskayuna High School)
American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-40 (archives of recorded histories; part of the American memory set of sites) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Harlem Renaissance (Jill Diesman, Northern Kentucky U.)
The History of Jim Crow (includes historical information, multimedia presentations, and teacher's resources) (New York Life)
Japanese-American History
Japanese American History Archives (museum information, plus selections from photo archives) (JAHA, San Francisco)
Japanese American National Museum (info, exhibits, and more) (JANM, Los Angeles)
Suffering Under a Great Injustice: Ansal Adams's Photographs of Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar (part of American Memory) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Manzanar National Historic Site (National Park Service)
Nikkei Heritage (exhibits, society info, links, and more) (National Japanese American History Society, San Francisco)
Korean American Digital Archive (photographs, documents, and more, focused on the period from 1903-68) (Ken Klein, U. Southern California)
For European Recovery: The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan (online exhibit) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
New Deal Network ("educational guide to the Great Depression of the 1930s," includes classroom resources, documents, images, forums, etc.) (Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute)
Convention Between the US And Panama  (e-text of the Panama Canal agreement of 1903, within the Internet Modern History Sourcebook hosted by Fordham U.) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)
The Red Scare (1918-1921) (an image database covering the period) (Leo Robert Klein, William and Anita Newman Library, City U. of New York)
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (PBS Online)
Susan B. Anthony (Jody Litt, U. Rochester)
Traders: Voices from the Trading Post (virtual exhibit on traders int he Four Corners region, focusing on Hopi and Navajo reservations; includes oral histories, description of the NITA, and more) (Northern Arizona U.)
US_-Asian Affaris, 1900-44
American-Japanese Pre- War Relations
Pecrival Lowell and Lafcadio hearn: Conduits of Japanese Culture  (virtual exhibit about 1880's American visitors, whose writings helped stimulate American interest in Japan) (Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale U.)
President Grant's Diplomatic Mission to Asia (virtual exhibit on Grant's 1877 Asia trip, with images from his visits to Japan and to China) (Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale U.)
The Imperial Mission, 1917: A Record of the Reception Throughout the United States of the Special Mission Headed by Viscount Ishii (includes note son The Root-Takahira Understanding of 1908 and The Lansing-Ishii Agreement of 1917) (Brigham Young U.)
The Boxer Rebellion
Fei Ch'i-hao The Boxer Rebellion, 1900 (English translation of Chinese historical text, within Paul Halsall's Modern History Sourcebook)
Boxer Uprising: China, 1900-1901 (historical overview, photos, and short bibliography) (Australian War Memorial, Canberra)
The Boxer Rebllion (historical overview and images) (J. Buschini, Small Planet Communications.com)
The Centennial of the Boxer Rebellion (article and images) (Yale U. Library)
John W. Guy "Role of the United States Marines During the Relief of Peking, The Boxer Rebellion - 1900" (article and images) (U. San Diego)
George Odgers War Against the Boxers (historical overview and photos, with emphasis on Australian participation)
Boxer Rebellion (Third China War) 1900 (articles, maps, bibliography, and links) (T.F. Mills, Regiments.org)
 The Boxer Rebellion, 1900: A Selection of Prints, Books and Photographs (Frances Wood, British Library, London)
World War II and the US
Children of the Camps: The Japanese American WWII Internment Camp Experience ("documentary captures the experiences of six Americans of Japanese ancestry who were confined as innocent children to internment camps") (Satsuki Ina)
The Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary (declassified document) (Navy Historical Center, Washington, DC)
Executive Order 9066: The Internment of 110,000 Japanese Internment (Asian American Studies Center, U. California, Los Angeles)
Doouglas MacArthur War Report: US Occupation of Japan (speech made on August 30, 1945; within larger speech archive) (History Channel.com)
Women Come to the Front: Journalists, Photographers, and Broadcasters During World War II (exhibition on eight women wartime correspondents) (Library of Congress)
Mattie E. Treadwell The Women's Army Corps (monograph telling the history of women in the US armed forces in WWII) (Center of Military History, US Army, Washington, DC)
Books Go to War: The Armed Services Editions in World War Two (virtual exhibit of 1996 exhibition at the Dome Room of the Rotunda) (U. Virginia)
WW II Resources (links to primary documents) (Larry Jewell)
WWII and the Atomic Bomb (see under Asia below) 
The Dream of Flight: A Library of Congress Presentation Celebrating the Centennial of Flight (virtual exhibit, covering the history of flight across cultures, as well as the Wright brothers) (LOC, Washington DC)

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