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Restoration & 18th Century
General Resources in Restoration & 18th-C. Lit.   Suggest a Link
18th-Century Studies Resources (Geoffrey Sauer / 18th-Century Studies Group, Carnegie Mellon U.)
18th Century English Novel Research Guide (West Virginia U. Libraries)
The Anthologies and Miscellanies Page (tables of contents of 18th- and 19th-century British literary anthologies, miscellanies, and "beauties" of historical relevance to the canon debate; includes discussion of
Augustan Satire: An Annotated Bibliography (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Texts Pertaining to the Study of English in Eighteenth-Century Great Britain (Carole Meyers, Emory U. / Georgia Tech)
British Poetry 1780-1910: a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions (Electronic Text Center, U. Virginia)
Chadwyck-Healey: Eighteenth-Century Fiction (prospectus for CD-ROM resource)
Dictionary of Sensibility (project developed in Jerome J. McGann and Patricia Meyer Spacks's U. Virginia course on "The Novel of Sensibility"; includes extensive glosses on terms of the period, critical apparatus, and many illustrative excerpts from literary and other relevant texts)
Eighteenth-Century Resources (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Homepage of 18th-C. Resources 
18th-C. Resources: Art, Architecture, Landscape Gardening, &c. 
18th-C. Resources: History 
Home Pages of People Working on the 18th Century 
18th-C. Resources: Literature 
18th-C. Resources: Music 
18th-C. Resources: Other Fields 
18th-C. Resources: Philosophy 
18th-C. Resources: Professional Resources and Journals 
18th-C. Resources: Religion & Theology 
18th-C. Resources: Science & Mathematics 
English Culture, 1660-1830 (links relating to business, clubs, societies, periodicals customs, games, new plants, foods, and people of the period) (Cathy Decker)
English Server: Eighteenth-Century Studies Page (Carnegie Mellon U.)
The Gothic: Materials for Study (texts, articles and bibliography, arranged by subject) (U. Virginia)
Historical Outline for Restoration & 18th-Century British Literature (chronology of historical events and publications in Britain during the period 1642-1820) (Alok Yadav, George Mason U.)
Ian's English Calendar (dating resource for students of English history and literature: "converts between old and new style dates, calculates day of the week, British regnal years, and the date of Easter and other moveable religious holidays") (Ian McInnes, Albi
International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (in French)
Internet Library of Early Journals (digitized 20-year runs of six 18th and 19th-century British journals: Gentleman's Magazine, Annual Register, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Notes and Queries, The Builder, and Blackwood's Edin
The Invitation To A Funeral Tour: A Free-Style Jaunt Around Restoration London Inspired by the Novel Invitation to a Funeral (Molly Brown's site accompanying her recently-published "historical whodunnit set in London during the reign of Charles II, featuring a number of real life characters such as Aphra Behn, Nell Gwyn, and John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester"; site
Leeds Database of Manuscript English Verse (BCMSV) ("contains detailed information about the individual items of English verse contained in the 17th and 18th-century manuscripts belonging to Leeds University Library") (Oliver Pickering)
Roger Lonsdale, ed., Eighteenth-Century Women Poets: An Oxford Anthology (1989, 1990) (table of contents of the anthology) (Romantic Circles: Anthologies Page)
The Period Pages Project (resources on writers in four periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Restoration and Eighteenth century, and Victorian) (U. Windsor graduate and undergraduate students)
Shameless Scribblers (Set Of Pages With Brief Bios Of Women Authors Writing In English, Mostly From The 18Th And 19Th Centuries; The Bios Are From The 1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica) (The Write Page)
Diplomats, Diarists and Gossips 
More Shameless Scribblers 
Reformers, Missionaries and Do-gooders 
Shameless Scribblers 
Shameless Scribblers: Part III 
UCLA Center for 17th- and 18th-Century Studies 
William Andrews Clark Memorial Library (UCLA) 
The World of London Theatre, 1660-1800
Homepage (Patricia Craddock & students, U. Florida) (under construction)
Contemporary Descriptions of London Life (excerpts)
London Theatre People, 1660-1800 (brief bios with links to a timeline)
Map of Theatre District 
Pictures Relevant to Theatre of the Period 
A Table of Seventeenth Century Actresses 
Theatre Sites 

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