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 •  Border Crossings
 •  K.i.s.s. of the Panopticon: Cultural Theory and New Media
 •  FrontList Books: Scholarly Books on the Web
 •  Black Cultural Studies Web Site
Cultural Studies
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Biblioteca Virtual De Estudos Culturais / Cultural Studies Virtual Library
Homepage (in Portuguese and
Books, Articles, and Other Texts 
Museums and Cultural Centers 
Research Projects 
Virtual Libraries 
Black Cultural Studies Web Site
Black Cultural Studies Site Index (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Elizabeth Alexander (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Houston A. Baker, Jr. (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Barbara Christian (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Manthia Diawara (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Ann duCille (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Cheryl Dunye (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Paul Gilroy (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Stuart Hall (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Phillip Brian Harper (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Mae G. Henderson (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Arthur Jafa (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Isaac Julien (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Wahneema Lubiano (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Kobena Mercer (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Valerie Smith (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Hortense J. Spillers (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Claudia Tate (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Michele Wallace (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Black Cultural Studies Links (Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett, Paula Lee)
Border Crossings (links to sites relating to the various "borders" that demarcate the postmodern and postindustrial social imagination) (Karla Tonella / Communication Studies, U. Iowa)
Homepage of Border Crossings 
Selected Pages  
Border Incidents 
La Frontera 
Border Crossings ("experiment in hypertextual relationships that explores the common ground between Cyorgs, Gender, LesBiGay, Dispora, La Frontera, Border Incidents and Other Borders") (Karla Tonella, U. Iowa)
Centre for Social Theory and Technology, Keele U. 
Communication Studies: Cultural Studies Resources (U. Iowa)
Critical and Cultural Theory Resources (George Washington U. Program in Human Sciences)
Critical Approaches to Culture, Communications, and Hypermedia (Ron Burnett, McGill U.)
Cultural Studies Resources (Communication Studies, U. Iowa)
Cultural Studies Central (Robin Markowitz)
Digital Media: Technology, Postmodernism and Other Stuff (annotated guide to online resources) (Communication Studies Dept., U. Iowa)
Disinformation: The Subculture Search Engine (annotated "alternative" guide/links to news and society; "the search service of choice for individuals looking for information on current affairs, politics, new science and the 'hidden information,' that seldom seems to slip through
Dino Felluga (Stanford U.), "Modern Theoretical Discourses" (pedagogically-oriented set of explanations, definitions, and questions that applies concepts in contemporary literary theory to two sonnets from Spenser's Amoretti; covers New Historicism, cultural materialism, feminism, and psychoanalysis)
Dino Felluga (Purdue U.), Introductory Guide to Critical Theory 
FrontList Books: Scholarly Books on the Web
Homepage of FrontList Books (online bookstore offering "scholarly and literary titles to readers with decidedly theoretical interests;" emphasis on recently published and soon to be published titles from over 175 publishers in "literary, feminist, queer, and postcolonial theory; cinema, literary, gender, women's, asian, latin american, and cultural studies; fiction, philosophy, anthropology, history, and poetry"; allows browsing by category and includes brief descriptions of books)
African-American Studies 
Art History & Theory 
Cinema & Media Studies 
Critical Theory / Marxism 
Cultural Studies 
French Stuff (French Theory) 
Gender & Sexuality 
Literary Studies 
Political Science/ Sociology 
(Post)Colonial Studies 
Queer Theory / Gay & Lesbian Studies 
Race & Culture 
Science Studies 
Gallery of Social Structures: Network Visualization ("documents work in progress in our efforts to visualize social structures. The aim is to develop experience how automatic procedures can be combined with aesthetics to ease insight into usually complex phenomena") (Lothar Krempel)
History of English Studies Page (page for the study of the development of English literary studies as a cultural and global force; cultural-critical and postcolonial perspectives upon the problem are anchored upon a series of texts or excerpts from authors both past and present--i
Information Resources for Information Professionals ("This is a guide to basic resources information professionals use when looking to the written record to solve a problem or learn more about ourselves as a profession.") (Joe Ryan)
Injustice Studies: An On-Line Journal (refereed)
K.i.s.s. of the Panopticon: Cultural Theory and New Media
K.I.S.S. Homepage (plain-speaking site that gives "people a quick, user-friendly, one-stop" guide to new media literacy as well as cultural/critical theory and its relationship with communications and new media) (Doug Bicket)
Comprehensive Index (ambitious hypertext glossary of major authors and topics in cultural theory; supplies brief descriptions or intros)
Special Topics (including "nature of the self," "postcolonialism and new media," "national identity," "British press in Europe," "machine intelligence," "how to read semiotics," "screen theory,"
Links to Lecture Notes (Mary Klages, U. Colorado, Boulder)
Marist College English Web: Postmodern Theory, Cultural Studies, and Hypertext (Tom Goldpaugh)
Medieval Cultural Studies: A Basic Reading List (Martin Irvine, Georgetown U., and Michael Uebel, U. Kentucky)
Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (Concordia U.)
The New Economic Literary Criticism (Web site for the Society for Critical Exchange project on this topic; includes info on the conference, related publications, and links)
New Historicism (SWIRL)
The Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy (Scott H. Moore, Baylor U.)
Paradigms: Wacky Wordgame of Cultural Criticism and Limited Agency (forms-based "game" of cultural criticism; first question: "who was responsible for the death of the subject?" - multiple choices begin, "Foucault? . . .") (Thomas J. Thurston, Yale U.)
Popcultures.com (Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center) 
Scholê: Teaching Culture in a Non-Linear Environment (theory and resources for rethinking pedagogy in a post-canonical and hypertextual environment; includes a well-selected set of online essays on teaching, culture, and digital media) (Rob van Kranenburg, Teacher Training Dept. in Gent [DLO])
The/Untimely/Past (bibliographies and links "relating to the intersection of historiographic practice with poststructuralism, postmodernism, and allied areas of theory / practice"; partially annotated and includes some quotations from the works; also includ
"What is Culture?" Page (definitions and curricular resources related to the topic of "culture") (Eric Miraglia, Richard Law, Peg Collins; Washington State U.)

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