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Gender and Sexuality Studies
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Always Causing Legal Unrest (an organization "parodying" the American Civil Liberties Union)
Border Crossings: Gender (Karla Tonella, U. Iowa)
Deaf Queer Resource Center 
eminism.org ("web site for Emi Koyama, the activist/author/academic working on intersex, sex workers' rights, [queer] domestic violence, genderqueer, anti-racism, and other issues")
Equity Online / WEEA Equity Resource Center ("national project that promotes bias-free education" and "gender equity"; site is no longer active but still provides some good resources)
GABRIELA Network ("Philippine-US women's solidarity organization, which addresses issues affecting women and children"; General Assembly Binding women for Reform, Integrity, Equality, Leadership, and Action)
Gender and Sexuality ("page publishes texts which address gender studies and queer studies, with a particular focus upon discussions of sex, gender, sexual identity and sexuality in cultural practices")
Gender Education and Advocacy - Gender.org 
Gender Issues Page (Patrick Macartney, U. Leeds)
Gender-ID.com (Jennifer O.)
Gender Issues Home (Division of Student Affairs, Carnegie Mellon U.)
Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GenderPAC) ("works to end discrimination and violence caused by gender stereotypes by changing public attitudes, educating elected officials and expanding legal rights")
Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Media: Cyberspace Links (Karla Tonella, Department of Communication Studies, U. Iowa)
Gender-Related Electronic Forums (Joan Korenman, U. Maryland, Baltimore County)
Gender, Sex and the Web ("links to on-line articles") (Marj Kibby, U. Newcastle, Australia)
Myra Sadker Advocates for Gender Equity ("non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equity in and beyond schools")
The AIDS Memorial Quilt (The NAMES Project Foundation)
Society for Human Sexuality ("social and educational organization whose purpose is to promote understanding and appreciation for the many forms of adult intimate relationships and consensual sexual expression")
Christy R. Stevens (San Diego State U.), "Imagining Deregulated Desire: Written on the Body's Revolutionary Reconstruction of Gender and Sexuality" (1997) 
Tolerance.org (Southern Poverty Law Center)
Urban Desires ("interactive webzine of metropolitan passions")
Writing on the Body (Paul Quigley, John Pruitt, and Christina Parsons, Ohio U.)
WSSLinks: Women and Gender Studies Web Sites (Women's Studies Section of the Association of College & Research Libraries)

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