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Geoffrey Chaucer
General Resources   Suggest a Link
The Electronic Canterbury Tales (U.Alaska)(Daniel T. Kline)
The Electronic Canterbury Tales Homepage (U.Alaska)(Daniel T. Kline)
The General Prologue  (text and resources)
The Knight's Tale  (text and resources)
The Pardoner's Tale  (text and resources)
The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale (text and resources)
The Canon's Yeoman's Tale (text and resources)
Chaucer Studies Bibliographies
Link Library of Online Bibliographies (annotated and regularly updated by Alan Baragona)(Chaucer Metapage)
WSU Chaucer Bibliography (Michael Hanly, Washington State U.)
The Essential Chaucer Bibliography On-Line (Annotated, extensively indexed; "The bibliography is divided into almost 90 topics, including themes, techniques, and individual works by Chaucer.") (Mark Allen and John H. Fischer)
Chaucer Metapage (collectively maintained project started at the 33rd International Congress of Medieval Studies)
The Canterbury Tales Project (Universities of Sheffield and Oxford)
Chaucer (Anniina Jokinen)
Chaucer Page (translations of Chaucer poems) (The Poetry Archives)
Links Related to Chaucer and Medieval Studies (Michael Hanly, Washington State U.)
WSU Chaucer Page (Michael Hanly, Washington State U.)

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