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 •  JTAP Virtual Seminars Project: Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature
 •  "--the rest is silence": Lost Poets of the Great War
 •  Surrealism Server
Modern (Brit. & Amer.)
General Resources in Modern Lit.   Suggest a Link
(includes international Modernism resources)
Author(iz)ing Modern Readers ("Author(iz)ing Modern Readers asserts that readers, rather than specific authors or text, should be brought to the center of contemporary canon debates about literature. . . . locating value in specific literary texts, rather th
Bohemian Ink: On-line Review of the History and Future of Experimental Literature and Poetry (very large, well-organized site covering both the historical canon and modern / contemporary authors) (Christopher D. Ritter)
Index of Web Sites on Modernism (estensive annotated index to sites on Modernism) (Malcom S. Forbes Center, Brown U.)
JTAP Virtual Seminars Project: Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature
An Introduction to WWI Poetry 
"Break of Day in the Trenches" 
Introduction to Manuscript Study 
Introduction to Text Analysis 
Little Blue Light (information and links on major authors) (Evan Goodwin)
Modern Drama by Women 1880s-1930s (site for the anthology of this title by Katherine Kelly, Texas A&M U.; includes background info and images of dramatists)
Modernism Timeline, 1890-1940 (John Eckman/Julia Leyda)
The Modernist Journals Project (Fully-searchable, hyperlinked, and indexed PDF editions of early twentieth century cultural journals) (Brown U. Department of Modern Culture and Media)
On-Line Literary Resources: Twentieth-Century (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Sally Anne: E-Texts in American Literature, 20th Century (Andrew L. Graham)
Snagged Links: On Modern World Drama (Stetson Theatre Students)
The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945 ("a society for the study of literature and culture between the wars which provides an interdisciplinary forum for discussion and research of overlooked texts, understudied authors and new approaches to traditionally canonical texts") (Jas
Surrealism Server
Homepage (pharmdec.wustl.edu)
ESMÉ: The Graphical Cadaverating Interface (Enigma Engines for a Better World)
Surrealist Writings 
"--the rest is silence": Lost Poets of the Great War
Homepage (Harry Rusche, Emory U.)
Chronology of WW I 
The Poets 
Twentieth-Century Poetry in English (large page of annotated links to poetry resources) (Michael Eiichi Hishikawa, Kobe U., Japan)

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