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 •  Applied Ethics Resources
 •  Educause: Transforming Education Through Information Technology
 •  NAASR: Electronic Texts and Textuality
 •  Stevan Harnad (Princeton U.)
 •  James J. O'Donnell (U. Penn)
 •  The Future of the Book International Conference
 •  Doug Brent (U. Calgary)
Technology Of Writing
General Resources On The New Media   Suggest a Link
Phil Agre (U. Calif., San Diego), "Designing Genres for New Media: Social, Economic, and Political Contexts" 
Applied Ethics Resources
Homepage (Center for Applied Ethics)
Computer and Information Ethics 
Media Ethics 
Science and Technology Ethics 
Charles W. Bailey, Jr. (U. Houston Libraries), Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography ("selected articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other networks")
The Future of the Book International Conference
First International Conference on the Future of the Book ("Book: From Creator to Consumer in the Digital Age")(Cairns, Australia, 22-24 April 2003)
The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book (Beijing, China, 29-31 August 2004)
Doug Brent (U. Calgary)
Doug Brent's Papers on Rhetoric and Communication: Index 
Doug Brent "Rhetorics of the Web: Implications for Teachers of Literacy" 
Doug Brent "Stevan Harnad's Subversive Proposal: Kick Starting Electronic Scholarship" (1996) (EJournal)
Case Center for Law, Technology and the Arts ("The Center for LTA is a forum for the interdisciplinary study of law, technology, and the arts, focusing on issues such as the relationship between patent law and the human genome project, copyright law's relevance to digital music and art, the applicability of trademark law to domain names, various cyber-related regulatory initiatives relating to free speech and the Internet, and international issues pertaining to plundered art, biodiversity, and cultural property")
Chorus: Computer Assisted Language Learning (Todd Blayone, et al. / College Writing Programs, U. California, Berkeley)
Jean-Claude Guedon (U. Montreal), "Why Are Electronic Publications Difficult to Classify?" 
CMC (Computer-Mediated Communication) Information Sources (extensive, well-organized site covering the Internet, cyberculture, technology, etc.) (John December, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY / December Communications, Inc.)
Columbia U. Institute for Learning Technology 
The Compleat Webster ("an inquiry into the very particular goals of web authors...: ") (Kevin Murray)
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine 
Computer-Mediated Communications Bibliography (text file; rich bibliography)
Computers and Composition: An International Journal for Teachers of Writing ("Computers and Composition is devoted to exploring the use of computers in writing classes, writing programs, and writing research. It provides a forum for discussing issues connected with writing and computer use...and offers information about integrating computers into writing programs on the basis of sound theoretical and pedagogical decisions") (Cynthia L. Selfe,Michigan Technological University)
Computers and Texts (Michael Fraser, Oxford U.)
Computing in the Humanities Working Papers ("interdisciplinary series of refereed publications on computer-assisted research"; in English and French) (Russon Wooldridge & Willard McCarty, U. Toronto)
CRILET: Center for Research in Computing and Literary Studies (U. Rome)
Cultures of Writing: Places, Spaces, and Interfaces of Writing and Writing Technologies (Web site for the Society for Critical Exchange project on this topic; includes info on the conference, related publications, and links)
Cyberspace, Hypertext, & Critical Theory (George P. Landow, Brown University)
CyberEducation (collection of links to on-line resources and to courses/syllabi) (Victor J. Vitanza)
Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture Archive (Electric Frontier Foundation)
CyberReader Page (support page for Victor J. Vitanza's anthology of readings on cyberspace and virtual reality)
Colin Day (U. Michigan Press), "The Economics of Electronic Publishing: Some Preliminary Thoughts" 
Digital Creativity: Incorporating Intelligent Tutoring Media (peer-reviewed journal of technology of teaching)
The Digital Divide Network ("The website offers a range of information, tools and resources that help practictioners stay on top of digital divide developments. It also serves as forum where practictioners can share their experiences with colleagues around the world. We look at the causes and effects of the divide from four distinct angles: technology access, literacy and learning, content, and economic development")
Digital Media: Technology, Postmodernism and Other Stuff (annotated guide to online resources) (Communication Studies Dept., U. Iowa)
Educause: Transforming Education Through Information Technology
Educause Homepage (On July 1, 1998, CAUSE and Educom were consolidated to create EDUCAUSE: "The mission ...is to help shape and enable transformational change in higher education through the introduction, use, and management of information resources and technologies in teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and institutional management")
Educause: Current Issues 
NAASR: Electronic Texts and Textuality
Homepage (session organized by Bruce Graver, Providence C., for the 1996 conference of NASSR: North American Society for the Study of Romanticism, Nov. 15)
Selected Links:  
Julie Flanders (Women Writers Project, Brown U.), "Editorial Methodology and the Electronic Text" 
Ashton Nichols (Dickinson C.), "Hyping the Hypertext: Scholarship and the Limits of Technology" 
The Romantic Circles Project: Emergent Forms of Scholarly Production on the Web (Steven Jones, Loyola University Chicago)
Joseph J. Esposito (Pres. of Encyclopedia Britannica), "Redesigning, Not Reinventing, Encyclopaedia Britannica" 
Writing Electronic Text: Tips and Guidelines for Writers (includes links to resources and practical advice)
Tom Formaro, Argumentation on the World Wide Web: Challenging Traditional Notions of Communication (hypertext thesis)
Edward A. Fox, et al. (Virginia Tech U.) "National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations: A Scalable and Sustainable Approach to Unlock University Resources" (1996) (D-Lib Magazine)
Gateways, Gatekeepers, and Roles in the Information Omniverse (1993 Assoc. for Research Libraries/Assoc. of American Academic Univ. Presses Symposium)
Georgetown U. Program in Communication, Culture, and Technology (M.A.) 
P. Ginsparg, "Winners and Losers in the Global Research Village" (1996) (on scholarly electronic publishing; based on experiences with automated research archives in physics)
Grail: Graphics and Imaging Laboratory (Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, U. of Washington)
Stevan Harnad (Princeton U.)
"Implementing Peer Review on the Net: Scientific Quality Control in Scholarly Electronic Journals" (1996) 
"Interactive Publication: Extending the American Physical Society's Discipline-Specific Model for Electronic Publishing" 
"Post-Gutenberg Galaxy: The Fourth Revolution in the Means of Production of Knowledge" (1992) 
"Scholarly Skywriting and the Prepublication Continuum of Scientific Inquiry" (1990) 
Harvard Information Infrastructure Project 
Humanist Discussion Group ("an international electronic seminar on the application of computers to the humanities")
Humanities and Arts on the Information Highways (Getty AHIP/ACLS/Coalition of Networked Info)
"Humanities in the 21st Century" (1995) (discussion between NEH Chairman Sheldon Hackney and James O'Donnell, U. Penn.)
Journal of Electronic Publishing (U. Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Kairos: A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments ("electronic journal designed to serve as a peer-reviewed resource for teachers, researchers, and tutors of writing at the college and university level, including technical writing, business writing, professional communication, creative writing, composition, and literature) (D'Artagnan Communications Group)
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland, College Park), "Electronic Publishing and Doctoral Dissertations in the Humanities" (1996) 
Language Visualization and Multilayer Text Analysis ("prototype tool that can study language/discourse phenomena in three-dimensional space. The idea was to develop a tool which would allow a researcher to explore interactively the structures and typologies of discursive formation)
Katherine S. Mangan, "CD-ROM Dissertations: Universities Consider Whether New Format is Appropriate Way to Present Research" (1996) (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Marlene Manoff (MIT Libraries), "Cyberhope or Cyberhype? Computers and Scholarly Research" (1997) 
Media Ecology Association ("MEA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the study, research, criticism, and application of media ecology in educational, industry, political, civic, social, cultural, and artistic contexts, and the open exchange of ideas, information, and research among the Associationís members and the larger community")
David S. Miall (U. Alberta), "Representing and Interpreting Literature by Computer" (1995) 
MIT Media Lab 
Ocean of the Streams of Story: Virtual Worlds at U. Virginia (Dan Ancona / IATH, U. Virginia)
James J. O'Donnell (U. Penn)
"The Virtual Library: An Idea Whose Time Has Passed" 
Mark Olsen (U. Chicago), "Signs, Symbols, and Discourses: A New Direction for Computer-Aided Literature Studies" 
Overview of Online Publication (excellent bibliography with links) (Willard McCarty)
Paperless Papers (essays on computers & writing)
Papers of the Epistemology and Learning Group (MIT Media Lab)
Pamela Pavliscak, Seamus Ross, and Charles Henry, "Information Technology in Humanities Scholarship: Achievements, Prospects, and Challenges—The United States Focus" (1997) (American Council of Learned Societies)
Presenters University: The Art of Presentation (guide to the art of multimedia presentations; includes articles on writing and giving presentations, presentation technology, technical considerations in adapting a presentation to a particular room configuration, etc.) (Proxima, Inc.)
The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography (Charles W. Bailey, Jr., U. of Houston)
Scott Stebelman (George Washington U.), "Studies of Interest to English and American Literature Librarians" (bibliography)
The Study Place ("long-term project . . . to prototype and develop online academic resources and navigational interfaces in support of academic scholarship by combining traditional elements of scholarly research with new communication and presentation possibilities
SuperJournal Home Page (major U.K.-based collaboration between publishers, universities, and libraries "to identify the factors that make electronic journals successful and to develop successful models for network publishing. The project will develop a wide range of multim
Survey on U. California Faculty Use of Technology as a Tool in Instruction, 1995 
Technology: Cognition, Computers, and the Internet: Online Resources (Wendy Gale Robinson, U. North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Duke U.)
Transcriptions: Literary History and the Culture of Information (NEH-sponsored curricular development and research project designed to integrate literary and technological studies; includes courses, colloquia, topics pages, and resources)(Alan Liu, U.California, Santa Barbara)
Visible Language Workshop (MIT Media Lab)
Wired Magazine (for information professionals; "provides articles, product reviews, case studies, evaluation, and informed opinion about selecting, using, and managing electronic information products, plus industry and professional...) information about online database
W.R.I.T.E. Conference (Writers' Retreat on Interactive Technology and Equipment) 

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