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 •  Johanna Drucker (Columbia U.)
 •  Robert M. Fowler (Baldwin-Wallace C., Ohio)
 •  Eduardo Kac
 •  Matthew G. Kirschenbaum (U. Kentucky)
 •  Permutations
 •  Susan Leigh Star (U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
 •  John Unsworth (U. Virginia)
 •  Matthew G. Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland)
Technology Of Writing
General Theoretical Works On New Media & Technology Of Writing   Suggest a Link
Dean Blobaum (U. Chicago Press), Review of Sven Birkerts's The Gutenberg Elegies: The Fate of Reading in the Electronic Age (1995) 
Finn Bostad (Norwegian U. of Science & Technology), "What Happens to Writing When Texts in 'A World on Paper' Are Replaced by Messages in 'Virtual Space'?" 
Collin Gifford Brooke (U. Texas, Arlington) "The Fate of Rhetoric in an Electronic Age" (1997) (Enculturation)
John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid, "The Social Life of Documents" (1996) (FirstMonday)
Andy Cameron, "Dissimulations: Illusions of Interactivity" ("This discussion is an attempt to speculate on the collision between a dominant cultural form - narrative, and the technology of interactivity")
Sean Cubitt (Liverpool John Moores U., UK), Digital Aesthetics ("the first full-length study to investigate the aesthetic nature and purposes of computer culture in the contemporary world...") (companion site, including illustrations, related links, "outtakes")
Cass Dalglish (Augsburg C., Minneapolis), "Skipping, Jumping, Twisting and Untwisting: Reading the Oldest and Newest of Writing Styles" (1997) (Enculturation)
Mark Dery, "Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs" 
Johanna Drucker (Columbia U.)
The History of the/my Wor(l)d (Granary Books)
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum (U. Kentucky), Lines for a Virtual T/y/o/pography (in-progress hypertext and VRML dissertation being written "real-time" on the net; concerns the work of textuality theorist/artist Johanna Drucker)
Robert M. Fowler (Baldwin-Wallace C., Ohio)
"The Fate of the Notion of Canon in the Electronic Age" 
"Secondary Orality in the Electronic Age" 
Gregory Ulmer's Home Page 
Eduardo Kac
"Aspects of the Aesthetics of Telecommunications" 
"Holopoetry, Hypertext, Hyperpoetry" 
"Recent Experiments in Holopoetry and Computer Holopoetry" and
Douglas Kellner (UCLA), "Intellectuals and New Technologies" 
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum (U. Kentucky)
Lines for a Virtual T/y/o/pography (in-progress hypertext and VRML dissertation being written "real-time" on the net; concerns the work of textuality theorist/artist Johanna Drucker)
Lucid Mapping and Codex Transformissions in the Z-Buffer ("investigation of textual and narrative possibilities within three dimensional on-screen environments [specifically Virtual Reality Modeling Language, or VRML]")
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland)
Matthew Kirschenbaum Homepage 
Lines for a Virtual T/y/o/pography (in-progress hypertext and VRML dissertation being written "real-time" on the net; concerns the work of textuality theorist/artist Johanna Drucker)
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum "Lucid Mapping and Codex Transformations in the Z-Buffer" (1998) 
Matthew Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland) "Materiality and Matter and Stuff: What Virtual Texts are Made Of" (2003) 
Matthew Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland) "Vector Futures: New Paradigms for Imagining the Humanities"  (pdf)
Matthew Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland) "Virtuality and VMRL: Software Studies after Manovich" (2003) 
Matthew Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland) "A White Paper on Information" (1998) 
Richard A. Lanham, Chapter 4 of The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology, and the Arts (1993) (U. Chicago Press)
Martina E. Linnemann, "Out is In, Off the Page/ Now Online - Cool" (1997-98) (on Ronald Sukenick and the typographical novel in the age of digital media) (EBR: Electronic Book Review)
Media Ecology (online "journal of intersections. We are about culture, communication and technology")
David S. Miall (U. Alberta), "Representing and Interpreting Literature by Computer" (1995) 
Perforations (vol. 2, no. 3) - After the Book: Writing Literature/Writing Technology 
Homepage (machine-generated verse and prose, acrostics, Markov chains, etc.; includes links to other machine-text sites)
Selected Resources:  
Raymond Queneau, one hundred thousand billion poems 
Postmodernism, Interactivity, Cyberculture, and Art: Online Resources (Wendy Gale Robinson, U. North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Duke U.)
(journal) (Re)Soundings (peer-reviewed "hypermedia periodical in the humanities")
Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities (rich, sophisticated introduction to "the various discourses, disciplines, media and institutions that have produced significant critical and theoretical positions and discussions concerning the Nazi Genocide of the Jews of Europe, 1933-45") (Ro
Marie-Laure Ryan (Colorado State U.), "Immersion vs. Interactivity: Virtual Reality and Literary Theory" (1994) (requires institutional subscription to Project Muse)
Jeremy J. Shapiro and Shelley K. Hughes, "Information Literacy as a Liberal Art" (1996) (Educom Review)
Shawn P. Wilbur's Cyberspatial Page 
Clifford Siskin, "The Business of Romanticism" (1997) ("the particular configuration of genres we call Literature is, in fact, a specific historical instance of a larger category--the technology of writing") (Romantic Circles)
Alan Sondheim, Internet Text 
Susan Leigh Star (U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
"Grounded Classification: Grounded Theory and Faceted Classification" (1997) 
"To Classify is Human" (1996) (essay of broad relevance on the social and cultural implications of classifications and "residual classifications" in the information age; makes use of historical data on classifications in fields including medical and nursing sciences)
John Unsworth (U. Virginia)
"Electronic Scholarship or, Scholarly Publishing and the Public" -1994
"Living Inside the (Operating) System: Community in Virtual Reality (Draft)" 
Visual Poetics: A Lecture Series (1997-98) (schedule of lectures by such authors as Charles Bernstein, Susan Howe, Johanna Drucker; includes links) (Stanford Humanities Center)
David Williamson Shaffer (MIT Media Lab), "Symmetric Intuitions: Dynamic Geometry / Dynamic Art" 
Mark Wolff, "Post-Structuralism and the ARTFL Database: Some Theoretical Considerations" (1994) (Information Technology and Libraries)

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