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Special Topics (Cultural Studies)
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(Baby Boomer, Eighties, Gen-X Pages, Etc.)
Baby Boom Generation
Boomernet -- The Baby Boomers' Surfing Center (Terry Cochran)
Selected 1990 Census Data (Relevant to Baby Boom Generation) (U. S. Census Bureau)
The Eighties
The '80s Server ("Welcome to The 80s Server -- the ultimate trip back into our not-so-distant past") (Metropolis Inc.)
ChuckyG's Eighties Web Pages (Charles R. Grosvenor, Jr.)
Once Upon a Time in the Eighties: A Collaborative Hypertext (student project on the '80s for Matthew G. Kirschenbaum's course at U. Virginia; includes others '80s links)
Generation X
100 Harshest Facts About Our Future (list from Revolution X by Rob Nelson and Jon Cowan providing a Gen X view of the future) (Adam Rifkin, CalTech)
Adam Rifkin's Lead . . . or Leave Page
Homepage (page on Lead . . . or Leave, a now defunct "large Generation X political organization in the United States, lobbying and consulting in the effort to put generational issues on the national political map")
Reinvent Social Security ("Problem: As the baby boomers retire, the U.S. will no longer be able to afford to pay out Social Security benefits without drastically raising taxes on younger workers") (Adam Rifkin, CalTech)
The Alternative Group ("non-partisan political advocacy group for Generation X, supporting practical public policy that will have a profound impact on young Americans")
Jim Connelly, Slacker (very witty, yet lackadaisical, series of personal vignette-meditations on Gen X)
Conservative Generation X (Paul Colligan & Ehren Filippello)
"Death of Generation X" ("article on page 72 of June 1995's Details magazine, wherein Douglas Coupland commits Gen-X-cide") (Adam Rifkin, CalTech)
EmPower X!'s Online Empowerment Information Center ("non profit, educational organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the members of Generation X")
Henry A. Giroux (Pennsylvania State U.)
"Doing Cultural Studies: Youth and the Challenge of Pedagogy" 
"Slacking Off: Border Youth and Postmodern Education" (1994) (JAC Online)
Olivia López (Uc Berkeley (UC Berkeley)
Generation X Bibliography 
Some Generation X (Gen X, 13th Generation, Slackers, Post-Baby Boomers) Links 
"Thoughts on Texts that Sur-round, De-construct and Re-construct Generation X" 
Laura Martz, "Free Time! Ludicity and the Anti-work Ethic" (Situationist-inspired essay taking a "ludic" approach to the work/slack problem) (Cultronix)
"The Romantic Slacker" ("Sorry, but placing most of these people into a mold of defiant rebel is bullshit. What they are are pathetic wastes of humanity") (Kiefer)
"When Do They Settle Down?: Young People in the U.S. Labor Market" (1995) (RAND research brief summarizing research by Jacob Klerman and Lynn Karoly)
The Sixties
The Sixties Project (history and culture of the '60s) (Kali Tal)
ThirdAge (site with news, resources, chat, etc. for "third agers," those in "the new, extended period of active adulthood which starts in the early 50s") (Third Age Media, Inc.)
The Time Page: Cycles in American History (Bill Murray)

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