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 •  Albrecht Dürer
 •  Matthias Grünewald
 •  Tilman Riemenschneider
 •  Lucas Cranach the Elder
 •  Hans Holbein the Younger
 •  Veit Stoss
16th Century
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Albrecht Altdorfer (biography, images, and brief analyses of Altdorfer's work) (Nicolas Pioch, Web Museum)
Web Museum, Paris Hans Burgkmair (images and biography) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Hans Baldung Grien (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Web Gallery of Art Lucas Cranach the Elder (biographical information and extensive image links to painting and graphic arts) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Artcyclopedia Lucas Cranach the Elder Online (links to Cranach's work in museums and galleries worldwide, image archives, and other online resources) (John Maylon)
Albrecht Dürer
Artcyclopedia Albrecht Dürer Online (biographical information, image archives, links to Dürer's works in museums worldwide, articles and other research tools) (John Maylon)
Albrecht Dürer: An Exhibit of Four of Our Favorite Prints (Glyphs)
Albrecht Dürer: Woodcuts and Engravings (extensive woodcut and engraving images from the Wetmore Print Collection) (Connecticut College)
Olga's Gallery Albrecht Dürer (biography and images)
Web Gallery of Art Albrecht Dürer (extensive images of Dürer's painting and graphic arts, plus biographical and other information) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Web Museum, Paris Albrecht Dürer (biography, images, and brief analysis of Dürer's work) (Nicolas Pioch)
Matthias Grünewald
Artcyclopedia Matthias Grünewald (links to image archives, articles, and other online resources for Grünewald) (John Maylon)
Web Gallery of Art Matthias Grünewald (Emil Kren and David Marx)
Web Museum, Paris Matthias Grünewald (biography, images, and brief analysis of Grünewald's work) (Nicolas Pioch)
Hans Holbein the Younger
Artcyclopedia Hans Holbein the Younger Online (links to Holbein's work in galleries and museums worldwide, plus image archives, articles, and other resources online)
Artchive Hans Holbein  (biography and image links) (mharden@texas.net)
Hannes Delgado Hans Holbein the Younger - Totentanz (images of Holbein's Dance of Death) (in German)
Web Gallery of Art Hans Holbein the Younger (extensive images including image details, plus biographical information) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Web Museum, Paris Hans Holbein the Younger (biography and images) (Nicolas Pioch)
Tilman Riemenschneider
Artcyclopedia Tilman Riemenschneider Online (links to Riemenschneider's work in museums and galleries worldwide, articles and image archives) (John Maylon)
National Gallery of Art Tilman Riemenschneider: Master Sculptor of the Middle Ages (biography, images, and other resources on Riemenschneider from the National Gallery of Art exhibition) (Washington, D.C.)
Web Gallery of Art Tilman Riemenschneider (biography and images) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Veit Stoss

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