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Richard A. Lawhern, Quick Search the Internet (guide to net-search resources written for VoS by a former professional data "miner"; Dr. Lawhern is also available by email to help beginners learn the Internet medium)
"Giving Something Back" Search Help (Richard "Red" Lawhern's page with resources to assist in using the net as an information source)
Homepage of "Red" Lawhern's Internet Search Help 
Finding People On Line and Off 
Personalized Search Help (ask an expert)
Guide to Searching the Internet (info on net searching; includes forms for submitting requests to multiple search engines) (Anadas Software & Internet Development)
Internet Searching Services (annotated guide to major search engines and indexes) (Palimpsest / Western Civilization)
Search Engine Watch (authoritative, deep resource on search engine submission tips, web searching tips, search engine ratings and reviews, and other related resources; designed as a guide both for users and Web professionals) (Danny Sullivan)
Understanding and Comparing Web Search Tools (Karen Campbell / Bush Library, Hamline U.)
Web Robots Database (info and resources related to automated Web searchers, including info on how to exclude robots from your site) (Martijn Koster)

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Contact: ayliu@english.ucsb.edu — To suggest links for inclusion in VoS, please use the "Suggest a Link" button on the relevant category page. To offer feedback on the site, please use the feedback form.
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