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Kerby Anderson (Probe Ministries International), "Globalism and Foreign Policy" ("We must challenge the goals and vision of globalists. In an effort to unite all peoples under a one-world government, one-world economic system, and one-world religion, globalists will attack the traditional family, the Christian church, and the American government") (Probe Ministries International)
Global Society: Journal ofInterdisciplinary International Relations (tables of content only)
The Global English Newsletter (info about newsletter offering "a means of keeping up-to-date with the key developments connected with English as a global language"; includes news on such items as "changes in government policy in countries around the world, the lat
(conference) Globalization From Below: Contingency and Contestation in Historical Perspective (Feb. 5-8, 1998, Duke U.) 
(conference) Globalization From Below: Contingency and Contestation in Historical Perspective (Feb. 5-8, 1998, Duke U.) 
Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition (includes online working papers on globalization) (McMaster U.)
Neil Larsen, "Poverties of Nation: The Ends of the Earth, 'Monetary Subjects without Money,' and Postcolonial Theory" (1997)  (critique of the recent intellectual fetishization of "globalism," "post-nationalism," "hybridity," "migrancy," "diaspora," etc. that takes as its negative allegory Robert D. Kaplan's, The Ends of the Earth: A Journey at the Dawn of the Twenty First Century; "[the book] makes for a macabre demonstration of how the mythical underside of the postnational bonds as readily with new hybrids of eco-fascism as it does with postcolonialism or poststructuralism")
(conference) Rights to the City: Citizenship, Democracy and Cities in a Global Age -- An International Symposium (June 26-28, 1998, York U., Canada) 
Miguel Agustín Romero Morett (U. Guadalajara), "Antropovisión de la economía global" (1996) (in Spanish) (Sincronia)
Paul Treanor, "World-Nationalism: Normative Globalism as Pan-Nationalism" 
Theodore H. Von Laue (Clark U.), "A World History for the Future" (1994) (lecture in the field of "world history" that closes with discussion of contemporary globalism; especially concerned with the global role and responsibilities of Western culture: "Westernization, now generally decultured and universal
What is Global English? (resources and annotated links for studying the fact that "Global English" "has now come to stand in as a manufactured historical and cultural condition constituted in part by the supposition that language has made it possible to elid

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