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Web Browsers (And Helper Applications)
Helper Applications & Utilities   Suggest a Link
Mpeg Viewers
Mpeg Player/MI (documentation) (Geometry Center)
Mpeg viewer: "mpegw32h.zip" (binary)
QuickTime VR (download Apple's QuickTime VR plug-in; for Mac and Windows)
QuickTime (download plug-in to play QuickTime movies) (Apple)
Multimedia Viewers
Adobe Acrobat Reader (Adobe)
DL-View: "dl-view.zip" (binary)
LiveView 3.1: "lview31.zip" (binary)
Shockwave (download the plug-in for Netscape 2.0 that allows playback of multimedia developed in Macromedia's Director program) (Macromedia)
WWW Viewer Test Page (Scott Nelson) (use this interactive page to test how your browser views various file formats, ranging from plain text to audio, video, etc.; trying a file format leads to a subpage with links to the viewer or helper programs your browser is missing
Sgml-To-Web Viewers/Browsers
SoftQuad's Panorama (a "helper" application to the "Final Beta" version of NCSA Mosaic for Windows, which in turn requires the latest release of the Win32s extension to Windows 3.1 or 3.11. Order of installation: Win32s, then Mos Panorama Pro 
Vrml Clients
WebFX VRML Plugin for Netscape 2.0
Homepage (site also includes VRML, JAVA, and other resources) (Paper Software, Inc.)
Cool Worlds 
VRML Repository 
Win32S (32-Bit Windows Extender Needed To Enable 32-Bit Windows Browsers)

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