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 •  Leonardo Da Vinci
 •  Sandro Botticelli
 •  Donatello
 •  Fra Angelico
 •  Masaccio
 •  Lorenzo Ghiberti
 •  Jacopo della Quercia
 •  Paolo Uccello
 •  Piero della Francesca
 •  Pietro Perugino
 •  Giovanni Bellini
 •  Fra Filippo Lippi
 •  General Resources for 15th century Italian art
15th Century
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General Resources for 15th century Italian art
Italian Painting of the 15th Century (history, biographies, tours, slideshows, etc. from the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.)
Tour: Florentine Sculpture of the 15th century (historical information and images) (National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.)
Fra Angelico
Web Gallery of Art Fra Angelico (images and biography) (Emil Kren and David Marx)
Artchive Fra Angelico (biography and images) (M. Harden)
Giovanni Bellini
Web Gallery of Art Giovanni Bellini (biography and extensive images) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Artchive Giovanni Bellini (images and biography) (M. Harden)
Sandro Botticelli
Web Gallery of Art Sandro Botticelli (biography and extensive images) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Artchive Sandro Botticelli (images and biography) (Mark Harden)
Web Museum, Paris Sandro Botticello (biography and images) (Nicolas Pioch)
Boticelli: Renaissance Master Artist (biography, images and resources) (Myrrhine.net)
Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci: Master Draftsman (an interactive exhibition feature with extensive educational information and great images)(Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci (39 drawings) (David Reuteler)
Webmuseum: Leonardo da Vinci (Nicolas Pioch)
Learning About Leonardo: Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling? (interactive website explores the work of Leonardo da Vinci with special emphasis on the Mona Lisa)
Donatello (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Web Gallery of Art Donatello (extensive biography and images) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Artchive Donatello (biography and image links) (M. Harden)
Piero della Francesca
Web Gallery of Art Piero della Francesca (biography and extensive images) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Piero della Francesca (image gallery) (christusrex.org)
Artchive Piero della Francesca (images) (M. Harden)
Progetto Piera della Francesca/The Piero della Francesca Project (A project devoted to the study and restoration of Piera della Francesca's frescoes) (Arezzo Sopritendenza) (in English and Italian)
Piero/ECIT - Electronic Compendium of (Art) Images and Text (Piero Project, WWW Version) (database for research and instruction in the work of Piero della Francesca) (Marilyn Aronberg Lavin, Kirk Alexander; Princeton U.)
Lorenzo Ghiberti
Web Gallery of Art Lorenzo Ghiberti (images and biography) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Artchive Lorenzo Ghiberti (images and biography) (M. Harden)
Fra Filippo Lippi
Web Gallery of Art Fra Filippo Lippi (biography and extensive pictures) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Web Gallery of Art Masaccio (images and biography) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Artchive Masaccio (biography and extensive images) (M. Harden)
Masaccio (image gallery) (christusrex.org)
Pietro Perugino
Web Gallery of Art Pietro Perugino (biography and extensive images) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Olga's Gallery Pietro Perugino (biography and extensive image gallery)
Jacopo della Quercia
Jacopo della Quercia (images and biography) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Jacopo della Quercia (biography and images) (www.cartage.org)
Paolo Uccello
Web Gallery of Art Paolo Uccello (extensive images and biography)
Paolo Uccello Homepage (images and descriptions of works) (in Italian)
History of Paolo Uccello (biography) (Euro Art Gallery)

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