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Ancient Rome
The Black Sea Trade Project (focus on Sinop, a Greek and Roman colony on the Turkish Black Sea coast; includes historical articles and field reports) (Fredrik T. Hiebert, U. of Pennsylvania)
Julius Caesar (tutorial article, within the HSC Online site) (Charles Sturt U., Australia)
De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors (articles, as well as images from coins and atlases) (Richard D. Weigel, Western Kentucky U.)
The fall of the Roman Republic 78 - 28 BC: The formation and breakdown of the First Triumvirate (tutorial article, within the HSC Online sites) (Charles Sturt U., Australia)
Roman Empire: Imperium Romanorum (historical material on Roman censors, consuls, and emperors) (Clifton R. Fox , Tomball C., Texas)
Greek and Roman History: Links, Documents, Notes (annotated links, including on-site articles and primary sources, arranged by period) (John Paul Adams, California State U., Northridge)
Lucan Pharsalia (aka "The Civil War") (1896 Ridley English translation; Online Medieval and Classical Library) (U. California, Berkeley)
Late Antiquity (annotated links on online resources) (ORB, Nipissing U.)
Political Revolution in Rome 133 - 78 BC: The Role of and Challenges to the Senate (tutorial article, within the HSC Online sites) (Charles Sturt U., Australia)
Roman Law (in Latin, English, German, and Italian) (Law-related Internet Project, U. Saarbrücken)
P. Cornelius Tacitus
Tacitus The Annals (Church and Brodribb English translation) Internet Classics Archive, Massachusetts I. of Technology)
Tacitus Histories (Church and Brodribb English translation) Internet Classics Archive, Massachusetts I. of Technology)
Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity (online exhibition on "magic and its practitioners in the Mediterranean basin and the Near East from the 1st to the 7th centuries A.D.") (Gideon Bohak, U. of Michigan Library)
Warfare in the Greco-Roman World (includes articles and links, arranged by geographical area) (James MacLean)
Windows on Italy: the Early Italic Tribes (general overview of Italy's history, up tot he Classical period) (the Italic Institute of America)
Roman society in the time of Cicero: Role of Women (tutorial article, within the HSC Online sites) (Charles Sturt U., Australia)
Plutarch Works (links to texts in English translated by Dryden) (Internet Classics Archive, Massachusetts I. of Technology)
Jacob Burckhardt, The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (electronic edition of Middlemore's 1878 translation into English, arranged by subject)(E. L. Skip Knox, Boise State U.)
Italian History Index (sections on archives, links, and journals; within the WWW Vitual Library site)(Serge Noiret, European Unversity Institute, Dan Domenico, FI)
Medioevo Italiano Project (research on Italian medievalist scholarship on the internet; in Italian and in English) (Angelo Gambella and Roberta Fidanzia,Medioevo Italiano Project
Medieval Italy
Medioevo Italiano (discussion list devoted to medieval Italy, with postings primarily in Italian) (Angelo Gambella)
Vatican Exhibit (virtual exhibit, including images of the Vatican Library) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Online Catasto of 1427 (searchable tax data for Florence, 1427-29)
Renaissance Italy
Backgrounds to the Italian Renaissance (article on historical context, with focus on relations with France; in World Civilizations site) (Richard Hooker, Washington State U.)
Leonoardo da Vinci: From inspiration to innovation  (virtual exhibit, with viewable reproductions of the Codex Arundel, a 16th-century manuscript, as well as background articles, and more; in the Treasures collection) (the British Library, London, UK)
Renaissance History (annotated links on general history, but with an emphasis on Italy) (Providence C.)

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