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Laws Of Cool
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Carolyn L. Burke's Diary (diary in HTML)
Diaries and Journals on the Internet (World Image Network)
Digital Self (online autobiography: "I dropped out of high school, I went to Yale, I did some drugs, I did some research, I played in a rock band, I married, I divorced, I had sex with strange women. . . .")
Mike and Anthony's Wired Room (wired dorm room at Dakota State U. tells you the state of its doors, lights, temperature, number of socks in drawer, etc.; visitors can activate a fan to blow on Mike and Anthony) (Note: site is now archival only; Mike and Anthony have graduated)
Motel Americana ("Welcome to Motel Americana. Here, you can re-live the glory days of the classic roadside motel") (Jenny and Andy Wood)
Online Cameras ("Wanna see what other ignorant humans ore doing right now?") (Aurora Gory Avedis)
Paul's (Extra) Refrigerator (technical detail on the current temperature and other status of Paul's other refrigerator; includes extensive meta-technical detail on how the above information is monitored) (Paul Haas)
Random Camera 
The Semi-Existence of Bryon ("On this page I keep my diary. Sometimes it is interesting, sometimes not but it is always real. It is updated daily.")
The Simulator (takes you through the day from getting up to driving to work to making MacDonald hamburgers, burger after burger . . . etc.; at each point, there is interactive "choice") (Garnet Hertz)
Tabatha's Days at Work ("Welcome to the automagical Tabatha MPEG movie maker. She has a camera pointed at her which snaps a photo every five minutes") (Martin Richard Friedmann)
Valley URL (enter a URL and see the page translated into a parody of Southern California "Valley speak") (The 80s Server)
Wearable Computing (original VoS description: "Steve at MIT wears an online camera on his head; see what he sees: 'It's fun being a cyborg' "; site has now expanded into a general gateway to wearable computing resources) (Steve Mann)
What is Miles Watching on TV? (good example of "mundane cool")
What's Inside Jeremy's Wallet? (Jeremy Wilson)

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