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Area & Regional Studies
African Studies   Suggest a Link
African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning (Bayley Art Museum, UVA)
African Studies Web Server (U. Penn)
Africa Reparations Movement 
Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources (Karen Fung, Stanford U. / African Studies Assoc.)
CollageMachine: Interactive Agent of Web Recombination ("a creative web visualization tool that learns from the userís surfing. Instead of waiting for the user to navigate by clicking hyperlinks, the program proactively crawls the web, seeking content of interest. CM parses websites, modeling the web as collections of linked documents and their constituent media elements - images and chunks of text. These media elements continuously stream into a dynamic, user interest-driven collage") (Andruid Kerne, Dominic Girard, et al.)
International Library of African Music (Rhodes U., South Africa)
Maps of Africa (Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection, UT Austin)
New Modes of Information ("media, Africa, and development")
Union of Writers of the African Peoples (D. Morales, Mercy C., NY)
U. Penn African Studies Center 
World Area Studies Internet Resources: Africa (Western Connecticut State U.)

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