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American Historical Review (American Historical Association)
Ancient History Bulletin 
Arachnion: A Journal of Literature and Ancient History on the Web (Maurizio Lana and EmEmanuele Narducci)
D'Història. El fil d'Ariadna: History Journals Index (comprehensive listing with annotated links; variously in Catalan, Spanish, English) (Anacleto Pons Pons, U. València)
Essays in History (U. Virginia)
History & Memory: Studies in Representation of the Past (table of contents and some full-text articles)(Indiana U. Press)
History and Theory (Wesleyan U.)
History of the Family: An International Quarterly (contents and abstracts)
Journal of Multimedia History (e-journal of history scholarship that explores the use of multimedia applications in education and scholarship; also includes CD-ROM reviews and links)
Journal of Women's History 
Limina: A Journal of History and Cultural Studies ("refereed academic journal of historical and cultural studies published by a collective of postgraduate students and academic staff") (History Dept., U. Western Australia)
Renaissance Forum: An Electronic Journal of Early-Modern Literary and Historical Studies (U. of Hull)
Traditio (classical and medieval history)(Fordham U.)

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