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Journals & Zines
Journals & Zines (Cyberculture)   Suggest a Link
Communications of the ACM  ("ACM is the world's oldest and largest educational and scientific computing society")
Complexity International (artificial life, cellular automata, chaos theory, fractals, neural networks, parallel processing, and other systems of complex behavior from the interaction of multiple parallel processes)
Convergence  ("the journal of research into new media technologies")
Critical Mass (communications students at Simon Fraser U.)
Cyberkind: Poetics and Prosaics for a Wired World (zine)
EBR: The Electronic Book Review (reviews "books that address the electronic future of fiction, poetry, criticism, and the visual arts")
Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture 
Elektra (zine) (Ishir Bhan/Digitas)
Feed (cyberculture & general culture)
First Monday  ("one of the first peer–reviewed journals on the Internet, solely devoted to the Internet. Since its start in May 1996, First Monday has published 543 papers in 99 issues; these papers were written by 640 different authors")
Informatics Society of Iran: Computer Report (newsletter of "an independent technical and scientific society committed by its constitution to the advancement of computer knowledge in Iran"; based in Sunnyvale, California)
The Information Society: An International Journal (Rob Kling, Indiana U.)
IO Magazine: The Digital Magazine of Literary Culture (book review section covers books on cyberculture)
Journal of Memetics: Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission (peer-reviewed)
Missing Link: Cyberspace, Philosophie, Kultur (zine in German) (Claudia Klinger)
Mississippi Review Web Edition 
Monitors: A Journal of Human Rights and Technology 
Net Effects 
Netfuture: Technology and Human Responsibility (weekly newsletter that submits the net to ethical, social, political critique) (Steve Talbott)
The Network Observer ("on-line newsletter about networks and democracy") (Phil Agre, U. Calif., San Diego)
Perforations (journal of culture & technology)
(Re)Soundings (peer-reviewed "hypermedia periodical in the humanities")
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology 
Homepage (tech, media, society)
Speed 1.1: Myths of Electronic Living 
Speed 1.2: Science and Re-Enchantment 
Speed 1.3: Airports and Malls ("This version of the SPEED periodical/software is about the transformation of social space by information technologies, and the value of dystopian mapping practices in accounting for the re-locations of personalized politics that those transformatio
Telektronikk 4.93: Cyberspace 

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