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Cultural Studies
Journals & Zines
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Ciberkiosk: Livros, Artes, Espectáculos, Sociedade (Portuguese online journal; in Portuguese)
Colloquy: Text,Theory, Critique (online "interdisciplinary work by Australian postgraduates")
Commonwealth Essays and Studies ("critical studies concerning post-colonial literatures in English")
Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media and Culture ("thematically based cultural studies journal. The primary focus of the journal is upon screen media; but our understanding of 'media' also includes publishing, broadcasting and public exhibitionary media such as museums and sites")
Cultural Dynamics 
Cultural Logic: An Electronic Journal of Marxist Theory & Practice 
Cultural Studies Journals / Archives (Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center)
culturefront (site of the New York Council for the Humanities and its quarterly magazine offering "news and a variety of views on the production, interpretation, and politics of culture"; issues have a thematic focus--e.g., "The Heroic and the Horrific," "Catholics in America," "Visualizing History," "The New Immigrants") (New York Council for the Humanities)
Culture Machine 
Enculturation: An Electric Journal for Cultural Studies and Theory (Graduate Humanities Dept., U. Texas at Arlington)
Impact (contemporary U.S. socio-political issues; online articles)
Injustice Studies: An On-Line Journal (refereed)
Journal of World-Systems Research ("electronic journal dedicated to scholarly research on the modern world-system and earlier, smaller intersocietal networks . . . interdisciplinary in focus")
Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies (North Carolina State U.)
J_Spot: Journal of Social and Political Thought (online journal covering "intersections between theory, politics and political action, aesthetics, cultural criticism, and social and economic justice")
Ko'aga Rone'eta: A Journal of Human Rights (Equipo Nizkor / Derechos Human Rights)
Limina: A Journal of History and Cultural Studies (History Dept., U. Western Australia)
Literary Witches ("postmodernism, avant-pop, reconstruction, hypertext, transgendered experimentation, multiculturalism, literary theory, feminism, postfeminism and c/lit culture ezine")
Other Voices (online peer-reviewed journal of cultural criticism) (Vance Bell, et al., U. Penn.)
Periodicals (in Portugese) (
Polygraph: An International Journal of Culture & Politics  ("peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal affiliated with the Literature Program of Duke U. . . . edited and produced by a collective of humanities graduate students")
Postmodern Culture (Note: as of 1997 this online journal [including most back issues] is issued through the Johns Hopkins U. Press "Project Muse"; it is now accessible only to users at subscribing institutions)
Public Culture (includes article abstracts)
Reconstruction: A Cultural Studies Community 
Representations (tables of contents plus some online excerpts and introductions to special issues)
Retro: The Magazine of Classic 20th Century Popular Culture (motto: "anything that was ever cool")
Rural Society: A Quarterly Journal of Rural Social Issues (Centre for Rural Social Research, Charles Sturt U., Australia)
Sincronia: A Journal of Cultural Studies for Latin America (articles variously in Spanish and English)
Sociology Electronic Journals (SocioSite / Albert Benschop)
Space and Culture: The Journal ("reflections on a wide range of socio-spatial arenas such as the home, architecture, urbanism and geopolitics. We encourage the application of contemporary theoretical debates in cultural studies, discourse analysis, post-colonialism to resear
Studies in Popular Culture (online articles) (Michael Dunne and Sara Lewis Dunne, Middle Tennessee State U.)
Suitcase: A Journal of Transcultural Traffic ("Founded in 1995 to monitor world culture on the move, Suitcase carries the work of established and emergent writers and artists from over thirty odd nations, paying special attention to the intersections of culture and human rights&quo
Undercurrent: An Online Journal for the Analysis of the Present (Erick Heroux)

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