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General Resources
Currently Available Books by Kathy Acker (Booksmith)
Kathy Acker Page (Trevor Dodge)
Kathy Acker Page 
Kathy Acker Page (Bohemian Ink)
Kathy Acker Page (Henry W. Targowski)
Daniel Punday (Purdue Un. Calumet), "Theories of Materiality and Location: Moving Through Kathy Acker's Empire of the Senseless" (1998) (Genders)
Eric Weitzel (U. California, Santa Barbara), "Kathy Acker's Great Expectations: Plagiarism, the Sick, and the Dead " (1997) (Thresholds)
Literary Witches Interview: "Consorting with Hecate" 
Trevor Dodge, "I Lost My Soul in Fan Francisco: An Interview/Journal Entry Starring Kathy Acker, Portland, and Pussy" (1996) 
"Kathy Acker in Conversation with Angela McRobbie" (recording that must be ordered; "Post-structuralist and postmodern writing - influence of William Burroughs - the cut up method - human body as source of inspiration and focus of anxiety - 70s American punk culture")
R.U. Sirius, "Kathy Acker: Where Does She Get Off?" (interview) (io magazine)
Rosie X, "Pussy and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance" (interview) (geekgirl)
Writings & Recordings
Algeria (Trevor Dodge)
Blood and Guts in High School (excerpt) (Trevor Dodge)
Empire of the Senseless (excerpts) (Trevor Dodge)
"The Gift of Disease" (1996) ("I am going to tell this story as I know it. Even now, it is strange to me. I have no idea why I am telling it. I have never been sentimental. Perhaps just to say that it happened. In April of this year, 1996, I was diagnosed with breast cance
"The Language of the Body" (CTheory)
Mekons (sound-file excerpt from Acker's record) (Trevor Dodge)
Politics (excerpt) (Trevor Dodge)
Pussy, King of the Pirates (excerpts and reviews) (Trevor Dodge)
A Reading List in Support of the French Novel Form, le recit (Trevor Dodge)
Speech for the Artist in Society Conference, Chicago, Oct.1994 (Trevor Dodge)

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