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Postindustrial Business Theory
Knowledge Work, Knowledge Management, & Learning Organizations   Suggest a Link
General Resources
@BRINT: A Business Researcher's Interests -- Organizational Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning (extensive bibliography and guide to online resources on the topic of "knowledge work" and knowledge/learning organaizations) (Yogesh Malhotra)
Comprehensive Reference List on Organisational Learning and Related Literatures (with special focus on Team Learning) (Murat H. Polat, U. Wollongong, Australia)
The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies, Tools, and Connections for Building a Learning Organization (site supporting Peter Senge's book of this title, which is the follow-up to his influential Fifth Discipline book on "learning organizations") (Peter Senge, et al.)
Knowledge Inc. ("monthly executive newsletter that covers trends in information technology, organizational learning and knowledge management"; articles from the first issue & ordering info)
Knowledge Garden (online texts on business knowledge and learning) (Vision Nest Publishing)
Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning (extensive archive of online texts and other resources) (Yogesh Malhotra / @Brint)
Knowledge Management Forum
Homepage of Knowledge Managment Forum (Brian Newman)
Annotated Index of Papers on Knowledge Management 
Bibliography and Reviews 
Related Sites 
Knowledge Management Forum: Bibliography & Reviews 
The Learning Organizations Homepage (Kai Larsen)
Lifelong Learning Links (Jan Flake)
MIT Organizational Learning Network 
SLOW: Stanford Learning Organization Web 
UK Lifelong Learning (page devoted to the new corporate doctrine of "lifelong learning" as promoted by the UK government) (Individual Commitment Division of the Department for Education and Employment, UK)
Tom Davenport, "Coming Soon: The CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer)" (1994) (Information Week Online)
Marc Eisenstadt, "The Knowledge Media Generation" (Knowledge Media Institute, Open U., UK)
John Paul Fullerton, Review of Peter Senge's The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization 
IT and Knowledge-Based Economy Summit, "Canada and the Knowledge-Based Economy" (1997) (IT and Knowledge-Based Economy Summit / Strategis)
E. Kronqvist and H. Soini (U. Oulu, Finland), "Developing a Learning Organization at the University Level") 
Kai Larsen, et al., "Learning Organizations" 
Learning-Org Dialog on Learning Organizations (brief digest of Senge's learning-organization thesis) (Richard Karash)
Barbara Lepani (U. Sydney), "Education in the Information Society" (1995) ("mindware integrates the five domains of culture, learning, technology, mind and organisation into a new industry cluster")
Brook Manville & Nathaniel Foote, "Harvest Your Workers' Knowledge" (1996) ("Call it post-modern reengineering . . . to make your organization perform, you'll have to build systems that support knowledge--not data") (Datamation)
Touraj Nasseri (TechnoVantage, Inc.), "Knowledge Leverage : The Ultimate Advantage" (196) (@Brint)
George Pór, "Corporate Knowledge Nettworks" (on "knowledge ecology," "knowledge architecture," and "communities of practice") (Knowledge Garden)
Reflexions of a Cyber Warrior: On Knowledge Management ("compilation of key ideas from various published sources--academic and practitioner--that create a mosaic of what I think about as the emergent definition of Knowledge Management") (Yogesh Malhotra / @Brint)
Margaret Ryan, "Human Resource Management and the Politics of Knowledge: Linking the Essential Knowledge Base of the Organization to Strategic Decision Making" (1995) (Leadership & Organization Development Journal)
Thomas A. Stewart
"The Coins in the Knowledge Bank" (1996) (Fortune)
"Mapping Corporate Brainpower" (1995) (Fortune)
"Trying to Grasp the Intangible" (1995) ("Here's one way to put a dollar value on corporate knowledge") (Fortune)
Paul Strassmann, Interview on Knowledge Capital (1996) (Strassmann, Inc.)
Karl E. Sveiby
The Knowledge Organisation 
"What is Knowledge Management?" 
What is Knowledge Management? ("summaries of various descriptions of knowledge management") (Knowledge Management Forum)
Bob Willard (IBM Canada), Ideas on "Learning Organizations" (hypertext presentation of leading principles and quotations from management theorists of the "learning organization" movement)

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