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Area & Regional Studies
Latin American & Mexican Studies   Suggest a Link
1492 Exhibit (Columbus and the New World) (virtual exhibit)(Library of Congress, Washington, DC)
Arte Maya Virtual Gallery: Painters and Paintings from the Highlands of Guatemala Arte Maya Tz'utuhil
Arte y Cultura de América Latina y el Caribe (Sistema Nacional de Información Cultural, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura de Venezuela)
Computer-Based Latin American & Iberian Resources (Adan Griego, Green Library-FLAC, Stanford U.)
Indigenous Peoples of Mexico (Glen H. Welker)
La Red Cientifica Peruana -Internet Perú: Peruvian WWW Server 
Maps of the Americas (Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection, U. Texas, Austin)
México (introduction to the art, geography, history, economy, science, religion, politics, and other facets of Mexico; in Spanish) (MexPlaza, U. Guadalajara)
Mexico Out of Balance (PeaceNet)
Multicultural Cosmology Home Page (Pomona College)
Servers Internet en Argentina 
Twenty Exemplary Cases ("a photographic work and a text description of twenty of the more than 500 documented cases of torture in Brazil during the Militarism that took place between 1964 and 1980") (Brazil On Line Publishing)
U. Texas Latin America Page: MeŠxic 
U. Texas Latin America/Spanish Speaking Countries Page 
UT-LANIC Home Page (U. Texas Latin American Network Information Center) (searchable)
World Area Studies Internet Resources: Latin America (Western Connecticut State U.)
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Latin American Studies (searchable)

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