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Major Commercial Web Search Engines & Indexes   Suggest a Link
Alta Vista
Homepage (major search engine) (AltaVista, Inc.)
Additional Feature: AltaVista's Automated Translation Service (Supply a URL and the site will return a machine-translation of all text on the target-page from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish to English, or vice versa; will also directly translate any text you supply. Results are adequate only
Ditto (search engine that specializes in finding images by keyphrase or by category; advanced option allows for searching by image type, file size, color depth, and picture dimension; results include details about images) (Ditto.com)
Homepage (Excite, Inc.)
ExciteSeeing Tours ("tours" of online resources guided by Excite staff plus some guest-authorities or -celebrities)
FAST Search (a parallel-architecture based search engine that aims to exceed the coverage of other major search engines; has announced plans "to catalog the entire Internet and then to keep up with the growth of the Web from that point forward") (
Google (the new-generation fast engine that became popular in 1999-2000; features high relevancy of results and an interface designed for speed; ranks a result based on how many other pages on the Web link to it) (Google, Inc.)
HotBot (especially known for its simple interface to customized searching) (Wired Digital, Inc.)
InfoSeek (Infoseek Corp.)
LookSmart (Reader's Digest, Inc.)
Homepage (Lycos, Inc.)
Lycos Top 5% 
Magellan Guide (McKinley Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Excite, Inc..)
Northern Light (includes a supplemental database of proprietary resources accessible for a fee) (Northern Light Technology LLC)
Raging Search (a new-generation search engine introduced by AltaVista in 2000 to compete with Google; features fast engine with minimal graphics and new ranking algorithms) (AltaVista, Inc.)
Webcrawler (Excite, Inc.)
Yahoo (the best-known general-purpose index or "portal" to Web resources; not a search engine per se) (Yahoo! Inc.)

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