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Laws Of Cool
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Antithesis To Cool
Anthony's Most Annoying of the Web 
Kooks Museum (collection of allegedly strange, schizo, conspiratorial, hateful, quackish, and other tilted ideas; a walk on the wild side of intellectual history) (Donna J. Kossy)
Mediocre Site of the Day (now defunct) (Jensen Harris)
Pointless Communications Corp.: Bottom 95% of All Web Sites (spoof of Web rating services)
Totally Useless! Fifty Exquisite Sites With No Purpose (Ambit: The Web Waystation)
Useless WWW Pages (meta-useless page of pointless Weg pages; not exactly the same concept as "worst of the web") (created by Paul Phillips; continued by Steve Berlin)
Worst of the Web (inheritor of the original, now defunct Mark Mirsky "Worst of the Web" site)
The Worthless Page ("this page is dedicated to finding worthless, useless, and humourous pages on the internet")
Other Variants
Geek Chic ("Welcome to Geek Chic. [That's pronounced 'geek sheek', as in 'très chic', which is French for 'way cool']")
sub/lime ("Inspired by Alan Liu's observation that there are hot and cool sites on the web but no sublime ones, this space imagimes sites that are sublime in the transitive technical sense: subjected to heating and cooling in order to be transformed&q
Tragic Pages
Anne Frank Home Page (the tragedy of this page is enhanced by the fact that copyright problems forced the removal of the page, leaving a reminder)
Faces of Sorrow: Agony in the Former Yugoslavia (photos by 36 photojournalists from 14 countries depicting "unspeakable acts of destruction waged by the warring parties . . . through the recent peace accord"; also includes "corroboratory articles and texts from international source
Kimberly Jean Pollard (Feb. 1, 1961 - Aug. 25, 1995) ("Today I ask your help in understanding how this beautiful young girl, who seems so serene and self-assured, could grow up to be a woman consumed by alcoholism, bulimia, confusion, and self-loathing, dead at 34 of a bleeding brain")
Remembering Nagasaki (selective Web version of bicoastal exhibit of 100+ pictures of the ruins of Nakasaki taken by Yosuke Yamahata on Aug. 10, 1945) (San Francisco Exploratorium)
Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Support Page (SANDS) (Tim Law)
Twenty Exemplary Cases ("a photographic work and a text description of twenty of the more than 500 documented cases of torture in Brazil during the Militarism that took place between 1964 and 1980") (Brazil On Line Publishing)

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