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Laws Of Cool
Meta-Cool Resources   Suggest a Link
(Cool Sites Of The Day, Cool Metapages, Etc.)
All-In-One Cool Sites Page (All-Internet Shopping Directory)
Cool Central (Mecklermedia Corp.)
Cool Crescendo Site of the Day (requires MIDI player) (LiveUpdate)
Coolest Links on the Net (Rock 104)
Coolest on the Web (Project Cool, Inc.)
Cool Jargon of the Day (Stephen & Charles Jazdzewski)
Cool Links of the Week (Leigh Dulin, ITAC Systems, Inc.)
Cool Medical Site of the Week (William C. Donlon, DMD, MA)
Cool Roulette (random URL generator)
Cool Site of the Day U.K. ("Obviously inspired by Cool Site of the Day, but for us Brits who can't wait around all day for cool stuff to download from overseas")
Cool Site of the Day
Homepage (InfiNet Company)
Selected Resources:  
Cool-O-Meter ("rate today's cool site from 1 - 10")
Cool Site of the Year Awards 
Cool Zones 
Still Cool: Archive 
Cool Sites on the Web (Alan Westenbroek)
The Cool Word of the Day Page (Anthony Anderberg & Mike Bitz)
Der Web des Tages/Web of the Day (in German) (Virtual Page & Broker Research Center, Germany)
Dynamite Site of the Nite (Terra Ingogneta)
Extra Cool Sites (Pollanens-cyberland.com)
Fred Langa's HotSpots ("Every day, the best, most interesting, most useful, and strangest sites the Web has to offer") (Windows Magazine)
Netscape's "What's Cool?" Page 
NetWatch: Cool Sites! ("some of the most creative, unusual, or just plain weird sites") (Bill Myers)
Project Cool
Homepage (site that educates Web authors and developers in building "great websites"; contains gallery of cool pages, developer resources, forums, etc.) (Project Cool, Inc.)
Selected Resources:  
Future Focus (reflections on the future of the web)
Sightings ("great web sites")
Rachel's Cool Site For The Time Being (by Rachel, 6th grader)
TnT - Tristan and Tiffany's Cool Stuff for Kids 
Too Cool Awards (Too Cool Communications / Premier)
TUM Cool Site of the Week (Japan) 
Various Cool Links to the World (Julia D. Levitz, Drexel U.)
Visual Poetics Links (links page for Stanford Humanities Center lecture series on Visual Poetics; uses the categories of "hot," "cool," and "sub/lime" sites) (Susan E. Dunn, Stanford Humanities Center)
What's Cool ("This section presents some cool information, cool pictures, cool stories... Don't hesitate to provide additional cool things, we would appreciate it") (Canadian Space Agency)
What's Hot and Cool on the Web (Web's Edge, KZSU Radio, Stanford U.)
Yahoo! Cool Links 

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