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 •  The Electronic Labyrinth
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 •  John Lye (Brock U.)
 •  STARN: Scots Teaching and Research Network
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 •  MLA (Modern Language Assoc. of America)
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General English Lit. Resources
Metapages, Text Archives, & Other General Resources   Suggest a Link
ABELL: Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (Modern Humanities Research Assoc.)
About.com Literature Pages
About.com: Contemporary Literature Page (extensive links to contemporary literature, arts, etc.) (Mark Flanagan)
About.com: "Classic" Literature Page (canonical works of literature) (Esther Lombardi)
ACLAnet (American Comparative Literature Assoc.) ("searchable site for information related to international, interdisciplinary, and crosscultural literary studies (theory and practice")
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts (Infomotions, Inc.)
Anglistik, Romanistik, Klassische Philologie (German-language metapage of resources for English, Romance-language, and classical language and literary studies) (Armin Fingerhut)
ArtsandCulture: Literature (Arts and Culture Network)
Bartleby.com (e-text archive of canonical English and American literature)
Homepage of Bartleby.com (e-text archive of canonical English and American literature)
Bartleby Verse
Homepage of Bartleby.com: Verse (Bartleby Library)
The Golden Treasury (1875) (ed., Francis T. Palgrave)
Modern British Poetry (1920) (ed., Louis Untermeyer)
The Oxford Book of English Verse (1919) (ed., Arthur Quiller-Couch)
Yale Book of American Verse (1912) (ed., Thomas R. Lounsbury)
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations (searchable) (Bartleby Library)
Bob Teeter's rec.arts.books Page (links to all rec.arts.books FAQs, directories of bookstores, current postings to rec.arts.books newsgroup, home pages of regular r.a.b. readers, etc.)
Bohemian Ink: On-line Review of the History and Future of Experimental Literature and Poetry
Homepage (very large, well-organized site covering both the historical canon and modern / contemporary authors) (Christopher D. Ritter)
Beatnik Links 
Booker Prize (home page of the prestigious Man Booker Prize, which "promotes the finest in fiction by rewarding the very best book of the year"; the prize was first established in 1968)
Book Lovers (a selection of sites on writers, poets, libraries, publishers and booksellers) (Piet Wesselman)
Book Reviews on the Internet (Internet Book Information Center virtual review of books)
British Literary Prizes (Merritt Moseley)
British National Corpus (info about the project to create a 100 million+ archive of samples of written and spoken British English; accessible by CD-ROM or licensed online use)
British Poetry 1780-1910: a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions (Electronic Text Center, U. Virginia)
Carrie: A Full-Text Electronic Library (Lynn Nelson, U. Kansas)
A Celebration of Women Writers (extensive list of online texts) (Mary Mark Ockerbloom & John Mark Ockerbloom)
CETH: Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Princeton U. / Rugers U.)
Chadwyck-Healey (Prospectuses For Cd-Rom Resources)
The American Poetry Full-Text Database 
English Verse Drama: the Full-Text Database 
The English Poetry Full-Text Database 
CMU Poetry Index of Canonical Verse (The English Server, Carnegie Mellon U.)
Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI) Centre for Textual Studies (Humanities Computing Unit, Oxford U.)
Contentville (academically-oriented commercial site that sells books, dissertations, speeches, articles, legal documents, screenplays, etc.; includes "expert" advice and recommendations)
DataText E-Library 
Descriptive Bibliography: On-line Tutorial ("introduction to the notational paradigms of traditional descriptive bibliography [quasi-facsimile transcription, collation-formulae, bibliographic reference, and some of the various items found in textual apparatus]"; uses Peter Brubach's 155
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, by E. Cobham Brewer (1894) (Bibliomania)
Directory of Electronic Text Centers (gopher)
The Electronic Labyrinth
Homepage (major guide to the genealogy, philosophy, structure, and technology of hypertext (as related to literature); includes links to many short essays as well as online literary resources at U. Alberta) (Christopher Keep, Tim McLaughlin, robin)
Selected Resources:  
Guide to Publications on Hypertext Writing and Criticism 
Hypertext Terminology 
Literary Formats from Manuscripts to Electronic Texts (set of short informational essays on early precedents for contemporary hypertext and multimedia, ranging from palimpsenst and manuscripts through Blake and William Morris to electronic media)
The Non-Linear Tradition in Literature (short information pages with links regarding eight print authors of particular relevance to the age of hypertext: Sterne, Robbe-Grillet, Nabokov, Cortázar, O'Brien, Calvino, Pavic)
Re-Thinking the Book (short informational essays on the history of the book from its beginnings to contemporary hyper- and intertextuality)
Software Environments 
Software Environments for Hypertext Work 
Time Line (chronology with links to informational resources elsewhere in the site)
Writing and Reading Electronic Texts (short information essays on the structure, design, and process of authoring/reading hypertexts)
Electronic Text Projects (Project Runeberg outbound links) (Lars Aronsson)
Electronic Texts (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Emory Women Writers Resource Project (Sheila Cavanagh, Emory U.)
English Literature & Religion ("large bibliographical database about religious aspects and backgrounds of English literature, from the Middle Ages to the present century") (William S. Peterson, U. Maryland, College park)
English Server (English Literature and Theory Resources, archive maintained by Carnegie Mellon graduate students)
The English Teachers' Web Site (Australian site "designed specifically for teachers of secondary school English") (Mark Dobbins)
English World (English Dept., U. Texas, Austin)
EServer ("The EServer's primary function is to publish texts in the arts and humanities. Our collections include art, architecture, drama, fiction, poetry, history, political theory, cultural studies, philosophy, women's studies and music"; also publishes journals such as Bad Subjects, Cultronix and Sudden) | EServer Books (U. Washington)
Find-A-Grave (search by name or cemetery to locate graves of historical persons; includes pictures of gravestones) (Jim Tipton)
FrontList Books: Scholarly Books on the Web
Homepage of FrontList Books (online bookstore offering "scholarly and literary titles to readers with decidedly theoretical interests;" emphasis on recently published and soon to be published titles from over 175 publishers in "literary, feminist, queer, and postcolonial theory; cinema, literary, gender, women's, asian, latin american, and cultural studies; fiction, philosophy, anthropology, history, and poetry"; allows browsing by category and includes brief descriptions of books)
African-American Studies 
Art History & Theory 
Cinema & Media Studies 
Critical Theory / Marxism 
Cultural Studies 
French Stuff (French Theory) 
Gender & Sexuality 
Literary Studies 
Political Science/ Sociology 
(Post)Colonial Studies 
Queer Theory / Gay & Lesbian Studies 
Race & Culture 
Science Studies 
Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms (from U. Victoria English Dept.'s Writer's Guide)
Glossary of Poetic Terms (includes links to examples) (Robert G. Shubinski)
A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples (U. Kentucky, Lexington)
A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection (Michael E. Grost)
Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry (Harry Rusche)
History of English Studies Page (a page for the study of the development of English literary studies as a cultural and global force; cultural-critical and postcolonial perspectives upon the problem are anchored upon a series of texts or excerpts from authors both past and present-
Humanities Faculty And Research Positions (Chronicle Of Higher Education)
Faculty Positions in English 
Faculty Positions in English as a Second Language 
Faculty Positions in Theater 
HUMBUL Gateway to Humanities Resources (Oxford U.)
Hypertext at Brown 
Ian's English Calendar (dating resource for students of English history and literature: "converts between old and new style dates, calculates day of the week, British regnal years, and the date of Easter and other moveable religious holidays") (Ian McInnes, Albi
Index of Online Poetry (with teaching materials; Seamus Cooney)
Jeff's English Page (Jeff Frost)
Language Arts (annotated metapage of links to language and literature sites) (Richard I. Purman, New Horizons Regional Education Center, VA)
Library of Congress 
Links to Places Literary (Rob Watt, U. Dundee)
Literally Literature (links to resources on authors, books, genres, and online resources; includes brief bios for each author) (Jane Benham, U. Sunderland, UK)
Literary Links (Readme: Online Journal of Poetics) (meticulously annotated list of A to Z web links for literature and poetics)
Literary Award Indices (lists of literary awards and award winning books)
A Literary Index: Internet Resources in Literature ("functions both as a descriptive meta-index . . . and as a review of the most important lists of literary resources and collections of literary links that proliferate on the Internet") (Chris Flack, Vanderbilt U.)
The Literary Link (Janice Patten, San Jose State U.)
The Literary Link for Writing and Submitting Essays (includes links to resources on close reading, critical reading, imagery, use of quotations, writing critical essays, style, etc.) (Janice Patten, San Jose State U.)
Literary Resources on the Net (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
The Literary Web (a hypermedia guide to literary resources available on the Web)(U of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Literature & the Visual Arts (includes exhibit on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: Medieval & Modern Perspectives) (Max Edward Cordonnier)
Literature, Cognition & the Brain ("research at the intersection of literary studies, cognitive theory, and neuroscience"; page includes "abstracts, reviews, accounts of work forthcoming or in progress, links to related web sites, and a regularly updated bibliography&
Literature of the Fantastic Page (Doyle & Macdonald)
Literature Resources for the High School and College Student (Michael Lee Groves, Wilsonville High School, Oregon)
Literature Webliography (LSU)
Literature: What Makes a Good Short Story? (an Annenberg/Corp. for Public Broadcasting exhbit designed to introduce literature; the exhibit "takes you on a literary journey through a classic short story, 'A Jury of Her Peers' by Susan Glaspell. Follow the tale to determine who killed Jo
LiteratureClassics.com ("biographical details, lists of works in chronological order, contextual details and critical and analytical essays on individual texts")
Litpage: Resources for Readers, Writers, Students, and Teachers of Literature (emphasis on short fiction) (Robert C. Evans)
Luminarium (Anniina Jokinen's beautiful, redesigned literature site featuring extensive resources in medieval, renaissance, and 17th-century British literature)
John Lye (Brock U.)
"Critical Reading: A Guide" (guide designed for first-year university literature students)
"The Problem of Meaning in Literature" (brief introduction for first-year university literature students)
Marist College English Web: Humanities Gateways and Institutes (Tom Goldpaugh)
Marist College English Web: Reference & Research Tools for Humanities (Tom Goldpaugh)
The Master Works of Western Civilization ("hypertext-annotated compilation of lists of major works recommended by Drs. Adler and Eliot, Charles Van Doren, Anthony Burgess, Clifton Fadiman, the Easton Press, and many others"; links to online texts) (Mason West)
Medical Humanities Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database (New York U. School of Medicine)
MLA Graduate Student Caucus (GSC) 
MLA (Modern Language Assoc. of America)
Homepage of MLA 
MLA Annual Conventions 
MLA Committee & Commissions 
MLA Job Information Services 
MLA Prizes and Awards 
MLA Publications 
MLA Radio Show 
The Modern English Collection at the Electronic Text Center, U. Virginia 
National Association of Scholars (NAS) (the recent pro-canon, anti-pc, anti-"post" professional organization of literary scholars; "the only academic organization dedicated to the restoration of intellectual substance, individual merit, and academic freedom in the universi
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) (U.S.)
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) 
NCSU Libraries Electronic Texts, Newsletters, and Texts 
NCSU Libraries Webbed Information System 
New York Times Sunday Book Review Section (current and past reviews; free registration required)
Nobel Laureates for Literature, 1901-Present (Jason R. Tippitt / Anna Clark, U. Tennessee at Martin)
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Writers and Editors (detailed description of what various writing and editing jobs involve and forecasts for employment opportunities through 2005) (U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Online Books (previously known as Eris Project) (Virginia Tech)
On-Line Books Page (John Mark Ockerbloom, U. Penn)
On-Line Literary Resources (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Orlando Project: An Integrated History of Women's Writing in the British Isles (multi-volume print and electronic project to create "the first full scholarly history of women's writing in the British Isles") (project headquarters: U. Alberta)
Oxford English Dictionary Electronic Text Center 
The Period Pages Project (resources on writers in four periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Restoration and Eighteenth century, and Victorian) (U. Windsor graduate and undergraduate students)
Photography in Literature -- Fiction, Poetry (J. David Sapir)
Planning the Research Trip (practical travel guide written specifically for scholars going to the U. K..; includes links) (Patrick Leary, Indiana U. / Victoria Research Web)
The Poetry Archives (large archive of poets taught in universities) (eMule.com)
Poetry Here and Then: A Collaboratory Project for New Researchers in the Humanities (introduces "new researchers to the principles of humanities research in special collections, using the poetry collections at the Bentley Historical Library as a point of entry") (U. Michigan)
Project Gutenberg (major e-text archive)
Prose and Verse Criticism of Poetry (extensive archive of resources) (U. Toronto)
Prose and Poetry ("classic poetry and prose") (Bill Massey)
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Literature (U. Waterloo)
Richard's Poetry Library (selected poems primarily of pre-modern British and American authors) (Richard Darsie, U. California, Davis)
Alan Richardson (Boston C.), Advanced Research Colloquium (course designed to complement the curriculum of advanced literature graduate students by familiarizing them with research methods, prospectus- and grant-writing, giving conference papers, publication, etc.)
The "Rutgers Reading List" (an attempt by a Rutgers professer to remember the shape of the "classic" or "traditional" English literature major by "reconstructing the English comprehensive reading list used at one eastern liberal arts college [Dartmout
Thorsten Schreiber (U. Bayreuth, Germany), English Literatures on the Internet (M.A. thesis offering a "comprehensive study of material about English Literature on the internet"; includes discussion of the nature and role of electronic resources and in-depth commentary on major sites)
The Secular Web (extensive resources on freethinking and atheism; includes archive of historical literature; previously called The Freethought Web) (Internet Infidels)
A Small Anthology of Poems (links to many poems put online for teaching by Seamus Cooney, Western Michigan U.)
So Funny, They Forgot to Laugh: British and American Women's Comedy, 1100-1998 ("Women's comedy has frequently been ignored or disparaged. We seek to change that. Our mission is to furnish scholars and teachers with information about primary and critical sources, and a sample course, on women's comic writing from 1100 t
Sonnet Central 
STARN: Scots Teaching and Research Network
Homepage (U. Glasgow)
Selected Resources:  
Scottish Plays 
Scottish Poetry 
Scottish Prose 
Statistics Every Writer Should Know (guide to use and interpretation of statistics for the generalist) (Robert Niles)
Scott Stebelman (George Washington U.)
Bibliography of Studies on the MLAIB International Bibliography: A Working Bibliography (Scott Stebelman, George Washington U.)
"Studies of Interest to English and American Literature Librarians" (bibliography)
Suite101.Com (Directory To The Web That Includes Editorial Columns/Articles On Specific Areas And Descriptions Of Editorially-Chosen &Quot;Best&Quot; Pages) (I5Ive Communications, Inc.)
Arts and Humanities (includes a variety of links to sites on books and writing)
Classic Literature (Susan Jensen)
Literature (Jon Blackstock)
TACTWeb Home Page (info and demos for the Web interface to TACT text databases) (John Bradley & Geoffrey Rockwell)
TeleRead ("TeleRead is a nonpartisan plan to get electronic books into American homes--through a national digital library and small, sharp-screened computers--in an era of declining literacy"; emphasis on copyright-law barriers to e-literacy)
Transcriptions: Literary History and the Culture of Information (NEH-sponsored curricular development and research project designed to integrate literary and technological studies; includes courses, colloquia, topics pages, and resources that interweave two sets of themes: the current social and cultural context
U. Alberta English Dept. LitLinks (Andrew Mactavish, U. Alberta)
The Ultimate Poetry Links (The [U.S.] National Library of Poetry)
U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative 
U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative: Modern English Collection (HTML search gateway to archive of TEI-encoded SGML texts in modern English; viewing the texts requires an SGML-to-Web browswer like SoftQuad's
UMI Dissertation Abstracts International Database 
U. Toronto Representative Poetry (Ian Lancashire, U. Toronto)
UVA Electronic Text Center 
UVA Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities 
UVA Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (publications) 
U. Waterloo Electronic Library 
Virtual Ink: A Highly Opinionated Guide (brief, colorful reviews of online literature sites) (Bancroft & Associates)
English Studies Information Server (Universitätsbibliothek Mannheim) " target="VoSLink"> 
Web Concordances (requires Netscape 2.0+) (Rob Watt, U. Dundee)
The Western Canon ("the purpose of this site is to provide a single location where the Internet community can come and find links to the most important written works of western civilization") (Paul John Barnette, Jr.)
Wired for Books (forum that invites scholars to host online discussions of past and contemporary literature selected under the rubric of broad topics; includes the texts under discussion and audio resources) (Ohio U. Telecommunications Center)
Women Writer's Project (Brown U.) (information page for large, sophisticated project that is creating a TEI/SGML textbase of women writers' texts; texts are available by order)
The Word: Literature, Journals, Books (Douglas Brick)
World Cultures: An Internet Classroom and Anthology ("combines the reading and course materials of two World Cultures courses taught using web-based materials since fall of 1994. The site is now expanding into a larger resource for a larger population and distribution of students and will eventu
The Write Page ("on-line newsletter with information about books for readers and about writing for writers of genre fiction") (Callie Goble)
Writing the Research Paper (collection of guidelines developed for a composition course) (George Brosi / Joe Pellegrino, Eastern Kentucky U.)
Yahoo! Humanities Page 
Yahoo! Literature Page 
A Yellow Wood: Diverging Career Pathways for PhDs in English Literature ("a waystation where you can learn more about the job market through trends and statistics, find out about alternative career paths for PhDs in the humanities, hear from professionals who have used their humanities background in creative and in

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