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Area & Regional Studies
Middle Eastern & Near Eastern Studies   Suggest a Link
ABZU: Ancient Near East Studies Page (Charles E. Jones, Oriental Institute, U. Chicago)
ABZU Author Index (large archive of projects, reviews, reports)
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library ("large-scale distributed, collaborative project providing an up-to-date hypertext map and a seamless access tool to networked scholarly documents, resources and information systems") (T. Matthew Ciolek, Australian National U.)
AWAIR: Arab World and Islamic Resources (materials for schools)
Djoser Pyramid Complex at Saqqara (Holly Pittman, Jay Treat, U. Penn)
Duke Papyrus Archive 
Eternal Egypt ("represents a unique partnership to use innovative IBM technologies and services to create an interactive, multimedia experience of Egyptian cultural artifacts, places and history for a global audience. .    [includes] high-resolution images, three-dimensional reconstructions of Egyptian monuments and antiquities, as well as virtually-reconstructed environments, panoramic images, and panoramic views of present-day Egypt captured by robotic cameras located from the top of Karnak Temple to the streets of Old Cairo") (Egyptian Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage and IBM)
Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Egypt (U. Evansville)
Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Early Islam (U. Evansville)
Exploring Ancient World Cultures: The Near East (U. Evansville)
Gateway to World History: Near East (Haines Brown) 
Islamic Internet Directory (text file)
Islamic Computing Guide (text file)
Islamic Computing Resources (text file)
Maghreb.net (guide to resources in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia) (Maghrebi Studies Group, State Univ. of New York, Binghamton)
Maps of the Middle East (Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection, U. Texas at Austin)
Maps of Middle East and Asia (Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection, UT Austin)
Maps of Gaza Strip (Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection, UT Austin)
Material Culture of the Ancient Canaanites, Israelites and Related Peoples: An Information DataBase from Excavations (John R. Abercrombie, Brandeis U.)
Oriental Institute Virtual Museum ("showcase of the history, art and archaeology of the ancient Near East"; part of the U. Chicago Oriental Institute)
Turkey: Classical Architecture and Sculpture (Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National U.)
What's New in WWW Asian Studies Newsletter (T. Matthew Ciolek, Australian National U.)
World Area Studies Internet Resources: Middle East (Western Connecticut State U.)

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