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 •  Alberto Giacometti
 •  Andy Warhol
 •  Surrealism
 •  Edvard Munch
 •  Georges Braque
 •  Joan Miró
 •  Marcel Duchamp
 •  Mark Rothko
 •  Pablo Picasso
 •  Salvador Dalí
 •  Wassily Kadinsky
 •  Dadaism
 •  Henri Matisse
 •  Juan Gris
 •  Paul Klee
 •  Cubism
 •  Frida Kahlo
 •  Futurism
 •  Abstract Expressionism
 •  Jackson Pollock
 •  Willem de Kooning
 •  Robert Rauschenberg
 •  Marc Chagall
 •  Diego Rivera
 •  Roy Lichtenstein
 •  Lucian Freud
 •  Expressionism
 •  Fauvism
 •  Max Beckmann
 •  George Grosz
 •  De Stijl and Neo Plasticism
 •  Constructivism
 •  Suprematism
 •  Pop Art
 •  Minimalism
 •  Art Deco
 •  Kazimir Malevich
 •  Oskar Kokoschka
 •  Fernand Léger
 •  Jasper Johns
Modern and Contemporary Art by Artists and/or Movements
Modern (Through Pop)   Suggest a Link
Abstract Expressionism
ArtLex Abstract Expressionism (introduction with very extensive examples of Abstract Expressionist images and artists) (Michael Delahunt)
Web Museum, Paris Abstract Expressionism (introduction) (Nicolas Pioch)
Artcyclopedia Abstract Expressionism (introduction includes an extensive list of Abstract Expressionist artists and images) (John Maylon)
Art Deco
ArtLex Art Deco (introduction with extensive examples of artists and images) (Michael Delahunt)
Art Deco Websites (links to online resources for Art Deco including art and architecture, furniture, collections and more) (Art Deco Society of Washington)
Max Beckmann
Artchive Max Beckmann (introduction and images, includes list of Beckmann images online) (Mark Harden)
Max Beckmann (exhibition information includes introduction, chronology, downloadable teachers' pack, and other textual resource information) (Tate Modern)
Artcyclopedia Max Beckmann (listing of online resources for Beckmann including image archives, articles, websites and more) (John Maylon)
Georges Braque
Artchive Georges Braque (introduction and images) (Mark Harden)
Georges Braque (biography, recommended reading and highlights from the museum's collection) (Guggenheim Museum)
Web Museum, Paris Georges Braque (Nicolas Pioch)
Marc Chagall
Artchive Marc Chagall (introduction and images, includes list of Chagall images on the web) (Mark Harden)
Constructivism and Suprematism (thorough introduction to these movements in Modern art) (Dave Smith)
ArtLex Cubism (introduction to Cubism with extensive examples of Cubist works) (Michael Delahunt)
Cubism (Gallery Asada's introduction to Cubism, with examples of Cubist artists from Europe and Asia) (in English and Japanese)
391 (online Dada magazine archives from 1912-2004, includes images and articles)
Dada (introduction to Dadaism includes history and images)
ArtLex Dada (introduction to Dada with many examples of Dadaist art) (Michael Delahunt)
DaDa Online (explanation of Dadaism with links to images, poetry, etc.) (John Buell)
International Dada Archive (U. Iowa Libraries)
Salvador Dalí
Aaron Ross, "The Art of Salvador Dalí: From the Grotesque to the Sublime" 
Salvador Dalí (WebCoast)
De Stijl and Neo Plasticism
ArtLex De Stijl (introduction with extensive image examples)(Michael Delahunt)
Marcel Duchamp
General Resources on Marcel Duchamp
Deconstructing Duchamp ("project transposing the 'Large Glass' into a global web of 25 interlinked web-sites, possibly a new interpretation in itself, certainly an explicit display of Duchamp's associated thoughts and ideas . . .") (Dew Harrison)
Encounter with Marcel Duchamp (links and info on Duchamp; includes multimedia) (Tim Kummerow)
Marcel Duchamp (American Museum of Beat Art)
"Apropos of 'Readymades'" (Duchamp's statement about his Readymades, written 1961) (DaDa Online)
Bride (1912) (L. James Grattan & Associates)
Chocolate Grinder No. 2 (1914) (L. James Grattan & Associates)
The Large Glass (rich page of images and info on the Duchamp work) (Tony Smith)
The Large Glass (The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even) (L. James Grattan & Associates)
Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 (1912) (Mark Harden's texas.net Museum of Art)
To be looked at (from the Other Side of the Glass) with One Eye, Close to, for Almost an Hour (1918) (The Museum of Modern Art, New York)
Web Museum, Paris Expressionism (introduction) (Nicolas Pioch)
ArtLex Expressionism (introduction with extensive examples of artists and images) (Michael Delahunt)
Web Museum, Paris Fauvism (introduction to Fauvism with references to artists and other Modern Art movements) (Nicolas Pioch)
ArtLex Fauvism (introduction with extensive examples of Fauvist artists and images) (Michael Delahunt)
The Fauves Page (introduction includes images and artist links) (Stephen Sander)
Lucian Freud
Artchive Lucian Freud (introduction and images) (Mark Harden)
Artcyclopedia Lucian Freud (listing of online resources for Freud including image archives, articles, websites and more) (John Maylon)
Web Museum, Paris Lucian Freud (introduction and images) (Nicolas Pioch)
BBC Audio Interviews: Lucian Freud (audio interviews and additional information on Freud) (BBC Four)
Web Museum, Paris (brief introduction to Futurism) (Nicolas Pioch)
Futurism (links to Futurist manifestos on painting, architecture and sculpture, plus links to other online resources for Futurism) (Kim Scarborough)
Futurism and the Futurists (extensive introduction to Futurism includes history, images, manifestos, exhibition information, etc.) (Bob Oshorn)
ArtLex Futurism (introduction with image examples) (Michael Delahunt)
Alberto Giacometti
Artchive Alberto Giacometti (introduction and images) (Mark Harden)
MoMA Alberto Giacometti (extensive information on the Giacometti exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art)
Juan Gris
Web Museum, Paris Juan Gris (introduction and images) (Nicolas Pioch)
Juan Gris (biography and images) (Spanish Arts.com)
Artchive Juan Gris (introduction and extensive images) (Mark Harden)
Artcyclopedia Juan Gris (links to online resources for Gris including articles and image archives) (John Maylon)
Juan Gris (biography and images) (Tate Online)
George Grosz
Artchive George Grosz (introduction and images) (Mark Harden)
Olga's Gallery George Grosz (biography and extensive images)
Artcyclopedia George Grosz (listing of online resources for Grosz including image archives, articles, websites and more) (John Maylon)
George Grosz (biography and images from the international Dada archive) (University of Iowa)
Jasper Johns
MoMA Jasper Johns: A Retrospective (information from the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art includes chronology, bibliography, selected works and publications)
Wassily Kadinsky
Mark Harden, Kandinsky: Compositions (review of Los Angeles County Art Museum exhibit, 1995; with images) (Glyphs)
Kandinsky Image Archive (U Michigan Archi-Gopher)
Wassily Kandinsky (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Frida Kahlo
Museo Casa de Frida Kahlo (includes biography and bibliography for Kahlo) (in Spanish)
Paul Klee
Web Museum, Paris Paul Klee (introduction to Klee's life and work) (Nicolas Pioch)
CGFA Paul Klee (biography and images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Oskar Kokoschka
Oskar Kokoschka (biography, recommended readings and highlights from the museum's collection) (Guggenheim Museum)
Artchive Oskar Kokoschka (introduction and images, includes recommended reading and list of Kokoschka images online) (Mark Harden)
Oskar Kokoschka (biography and images from the museum's collection) (Tate Online)
Willem de Kooning
Artchive Willem de Kooning (extensive introduction to de Kooning's life and work) (Mark Harden)
Fernand Léger
Artcyclopedia Fernand Léger (links to online resources for Léger including image archives, articles, websites and more) (John Maylon)
Roy Lichtenstein
Artchive Roy Lichtenstein (introduction and images) (Mark Harden)
Kazimir Malevich
The Malevich Society (homepage of the society dedicated to "advancing knowledge about Kazimir Malevich and his work) (in English and Russian)
Kazimir Malevich (biography, recommended readings and highlights from the museum's collection) (Guggenheim Museum)
Web Museum, Paris Kasimir Malevich (introduction and images) (Nicolas Pioch)
Henri Matisse
WebMuseum, Paris Henri Matisse (introduction and images) (Nicolas Pioch)
Olga's Gallery Henri Matisse (biography and extensive images)
The Life and Times of Henri Matisse (biography and image gallery) (Art School Online Network)
ArtLex Minimalism (introduction with extensive examples of Minimalist artists and images) (Michael Delahunt)
Joan Miró
Artchive Joan Miró (introduction and images) (Mark Harden)
Olga's Gallery Joan Miró (biography and extensive image listing)
Fundació Miró/The Miro Foundation (extensive information on Miró's life and work, includes image links, news and exhibition information) (in English, Spanish and Catalan)
CGFA Miró (includes biography and images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Edvard Munch
Artchive Edvard Munch (introduction and images includes list of Munch images online) (Mark Harden)
Artcyclopedia Edvard Munch (listing of online resources for Munch including image archives, articles, websites and more) (John Maylon)
Edvard Munch: The Dance of Life (extensive site includes images, online resources, biography, etc.) (Roman Jaster)
ODIN Edvard Munch (extensive introduction to Munch's life and work) (Dr. Frank Høifødt)
CGFA Edvard Munch (biography and images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
The Theft of The Scream
BBC Scream Stolen from Norway Museum (article documents how the painting was stolen) (BBC News, World Edition)
CNN Norway Hunts for Stolen Scream (article documents search for the stolen painting) (CNN.com)
USA Today Munch Art Theft Stirs Debate on Museum Security (article includes link to list of stolen masterpieces) (USA Today.com)
ArtNewsOnline Why Wasn't The Scream Insured? (editorial by Eileen Kinsella, Art News Online)
Pablo Picasso
The Online Picasso Project (Excellent online resource for Picasso includes extensive images, archives, bibliography, etc.) (Dr. Enrique Mallen)
Pablo Picasso: The Official Website (extensive information on Picasso's life and work) (in English, French and Spanish)
Artchive Pablo Picasso (extensive introduction to Picasso's life and work) (Mark Harden)
Pablo Picasso (extensive images and biography) (SpanishArts.com)
Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock (introduction to Pollock's life and work) (National Gallery of Art, Washington)
Jackson Pollock (biography, recommended reading and highlights from the museum's collection) (Guggenheim Museum)
Web Museum, Paris Jackson Pollock (introduction and images) (Nicolas Pioch)
Pop Art
Index of Pop Artists (alphabetical index of Pop artists includes biographies and images) (www.popart)
ArtLex Pop Art (introduction with extensive examples of Pop artists, including images) (Michael Delahunt)
Robert Rauschenberg
Artchive Robert Rauschenberg (introduction and images, also includes a list of Rauschenberg images online) (Mark Harden)
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera: A Man and his Murals (introduction to Rivera's life and work, includes special resources for teaching) (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)
The Diego Rivera Mural Project (the project website offers many resources for learning about Rivera's life and work, including access to the Diego Rivera Archive) (in English and Spanish, City College of San Francisco)
Secretaría de Educación Pública Los Murales de Diego Rivera/The Murals of Diego Rivera (virtual tour offers an in depth exploration of the murals that Rivera painted for the SEP) (in Spanish)
Artcyclopedia Diego Rivera (links to online sources of information on Rivera's life and work including articles and image archives) (John Maylon)
PBS Diego Rivera (an introduction to Rivera's life and work) (PBS, American Masters)
Diego Rivera at the DIA (photo archive of Rivera and his work at the DIA and the Ford Motor Company River Rouge Plant) (Detroit Institute of Arts)
Artchive Diego Rivera (introduction and images) (Mark Harden)
The Virtual Diego Rivera Web Museum (virtual museum document's Rivera's life and work, includes extensive image gallery, downloadable film clips, links to online resources and more) (Javier Rivera)
Mark Rothko
Mark Rothko (introduction to Rothko's life and work) (National Gallery of Art, Washington)
Mark Rothko (images and articles about Rothko's work) (Artcyclopedia)
Suprematism (introduction) (Alexander Boguslawski)
Constructivism and Suprematism (thorough introduction to these movements in Modern art) (Dave Smith)
The Department of Objects and Delusions (information on Surrealist art includes extensive information on individual artists and links to other online resources about Surrealism)
André Breton, "What is Surrealism?" 
Female Surrealist Artists (biographies and image links)
Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol Museum 
The Warhol '95 Project (Doug DeJulio)

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