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(U. of Groningen, Netherlands):
Homepage of Hypertext on American History  (U. of Groningen, Netherlands)
The First Virginia Charter, 1606 (Philip Schwarz)
The Second Virginia Charter, 1609 (Philip Schwarz)
The Third Virginia Charter, 1612 (Philip Schwarz)
Mayflower Compact, 1620 
Petition of Right, 1628 
Charter Of Massachusetts Bay, 1629 
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639) 
The Maryland Toleration Act, 1649 
Bacon's Declaration in the Name of the People, 30 July 1676 
Governor William Berkely on Bacon's Rebellion, 19 May 1676 
Penn's Plan for a Union, 1697 
Robert Beverley On Bacon's Rebellion, 1704 
The North Carolina Biennal Act, 1715 
Disposition of the North Carolina Biennal Act, 1737 
The Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress, October 19, 1765 
William Pitt's Speech on the Stamp Act, January 14 1766 
Captain Preston's Account of the Boston Massacre, March 5 1770 
Edmund Burke, Speech on Conciliation with America, March 22, 1775 
Charlotte Town Resolves, 1775 

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