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Minority Studies
Native American/American Indian, Indigenous, Aboriginal   Suggest a Link
General Resources
Ableza, a Native American Arts and Film Institute 
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Economic Development Corporation (ATNI-EDC) 
American Historical Images on File: The Native American Experience ("comprehensive collection of images of Native American people"; "arranged chronologically from the prehistoric period and the Paleo-Indians to 1990") (Troy Johnson, California State U., Long Beach)
Arctic Circle (info on the indigenous peoples and cultures of the Arctic, including links to a museum, virtual classroom, and online forum) (Norman Chance, U. Connecticut)
Bill's Aboriginal Links (extensive collection of aboriginal resources organized by nation and also on aboriginal arts and culture, the environment, human rights, legislation, etc.) (Bill Henderson)
Black Native American Association 
Bureau of Indian Affairs 
California Tribes: Main Access Map and Tribes Listing (Paula Giese)
Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource 
First Nations/First Peoples Issues (Jordan S. Dill)
Five Views: A History of American Indians in California (National Park Service)
Flury and Company: Native American Indian Photography of Edward S. Curtis 
Chief George Manuel Memorial Library (houses the Fourth World Documentation Archive) (Center for World Indigenous Studies)
Heard Museum: Native Cultures & Art 
Wendy Holliday, "Hopi History: The Story of the Alcatraz Prisoners, Part 1" (includes links to Part 2 and an essay on the story of American Indian inmates at Alcatraz) (National Park Service)
Ilka Hartmann, Photographer (collections of Native American images)
Images of Native Americans (Bancroft Library, U. California, Berkeley)
Index of Federally Recognized Native American Indian Tribes (as of 1995) (The Healing Center Online)
Indian Country Today (American Indian news source)
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center 
Indians.org (American Indian Heritage Foundation)
Indian Teacher & Educational Personnel Program (ITEPP) (Humboldt State U.)
Indianz.com ("news, information, and entertainment from a Native American perspective")
Indigenous Peoples Survival Foundation (IPSF) 
Indigenous Peoples of North and Central America Videography (Media Resources Center, U. California, Berkeley)
Indigenous Literature with a Queer/LGBT/Two-Spirit Sensibility (David Eberly, Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures, U. Richmond)
Troy Johnson, "The Alcatraz Indian Occupation" (National Park Service)
A Line in the Sand (info on "the issues of cultural property, Native American sovereignty, Native American identity, ethnic stereotypes, the commodification of Native American culture, and all related issues")
List of Federally Non-Recognized Tribes (Troy Johnson, California State U., Long Beach)
Listing of All Federally Recognized Tribes (Tribal Court Clearinghouse, Tribal Law and Policy Institute)
Maya Civilization--Past & Present (Paula Giese)
National Congress of American Indians 
National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)
Native Americans and the Environment (National Council for Science and the Environment)
Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project (access to the Constitutions, Tribal Codes, and other legal documents of Native American tribes) (U. Oklahoma Law Center and the National Indian Law Library)
Native American Images (Joseph Zeller)
Native American Resource Guide (U. Southern California)
NATIVE: Native American Tribes: Information Virtually Everywhere (Carolyn J. Edds)
NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art ("resource for indigenous ethno-technology focusing on the arts of Eastern Woodland Indian Peoples, providing historical & contemporary background with instructional how-to's & references")
NativeWeb ("resources for indigenous cultures around the world")
Phil Konstantin This Day in North American Indian History (description of book; includes numerous annotated links in history section)
Pimohtewin: A Native Studies E-Journal (U. Alberta)
The Russian Church and the Native Alaskan Cultures (Library of Congress)
Teaching Indigenous Languages (Northern Arizona U.)
US Indian Tribes, Federally Non-Recognized (Paula Giese)
World History Archives: The History of Native America ("world history from a working-class and non-Eurocentric perspective") (Haines Brown, Central Connecticut S.)
WWW Virtual Library: Index of Native American Resources on the Internet (Karen M. Strom)
Courses & Syllabi
Course Syllabi (collection of syllabi donated by ASAIL members) (Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures, U. Richmond)
Departments & Programs
American Indian Studies (California State U., Long Beach)
Robert M. Nelson, "A Guide to Native American Studies Programs in the United States and Canada" (2004) (Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures, U. Richmond)
Discussion Lists & Newsgroups
H-AmIndian Home Page ("edited discussion list for scholars, academicians, and Native peoples to consider the history, culture, ideas and events relating to indigenous peoples from the North Pole to Mexico") (Arizona State U. and HNet Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine)
Rigoberta Menchú Tum
Nobel e-Museum: The Nobel Peace Prize 1992: Rigoberta Menchú Tum 
Nobel Prize Internet Archive: Rigoberta Menchú Tum (Ona Wu, Almaz Enterprises)
Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Quiche Mayan (Glenn Welker)

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