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CGI Spell (online spell-checker for Web documents; feed it your URL and it will spell check English-language pages; future support for Croatian and German) (Vjekoslav Nesek)
ForeFront: GrabNet (unique software that grabs pictures and text from the Web to create "visual URLs" in which the URL is associated with selected graphics and text; for Windows and Mac; downloadable 10-day free trial demo) (ForeFront)
HistoryTree ("Netscape add-in that records your web explorations in a tree, not just a list. This lets you visualize what you've seen and instantly jump back to other trains of thought") (SmartBrowser)
Hyper-G ("large-scale, distributed, hypermedia information system that runs over the internet. It interoperates with other network tools like gopher, WWW, WAIS and telnet logins"; "provides real hypermedia, supporting tools for structuring, m
Lynx-Me (graphical Web page developers can feed their URL to this site to be shown what their page looks like in Lynx)
NetCal! ("the Internet and Web's interactive calendar") (iTRIBE)
Pobox.com (pay-service offering lifetime e-mail address and permanent URL through URL redirection; small annual fee)
The Webhound WWW Interface ("personalized WWW agent that periodically (or on demand) recommends new WWW documents to you based on what WWW documents you have expressed a liking for in the past") (MIT Media Laboratory)
WebWhacker (for Windows or Mac) ("tool designed to reduce the user's dependency on an Internet connection. WebWhacker downloads, or "Whacks", single Web pages, groups of pages, or entire Web sites, including text (HTML) and images, and stores them on the local deskt

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