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 •  Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (George Washington U.)
Cultural Frictions Conference Proceedings   Suggest a Link
Homepage for Cultural Frictions Conference Proceedings (Cultural Frictions Conference, Georgetown U.)
Kathleen Biddick (U. Notre Dame), "English-America: Curricular Masks/Imperial Phantasmatics"  
Glenn Burger (U. Alberta), "Queer Performativity and the Natural in Chaucer's Physician's and Pardoner's Tales"  
Robert L. A. Clark (Kansas State U.) & Claire Sponsler (U. Iowa), "Queer Play: The Cultural Work of Crossdressing in Medieval Drama" 
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (George Washington U.)
"Medieval Masculinities" 
Leslie Dunton-Downer (Harvard U.), "The Horror of Culture" 
Andrew Galloway (Cornell U.), "Private Selves and the Intellectual Marketplace in Late 14th Century England: The Case of the Two Usks" 
Martin Irvine (Georgetown U.), "The Pen(is), Castration, and Subjectivity: Abelard's Negotiations of Gender" 
Gerhard Jaritz (Krems an der Donau/Budapest), "Everyday Life in the Middle Ages and Digital Image Analysis" ("research into the history of everyday life and of material culture have been starting to concentrate on the analysis of [patterns of] messages borne by images") (CHart)
Steven F. Kruger (Queens C., City U. of New York), "Medieval Christian (Dis)identifications: Muslims and Jews in Buibert of Nogent" 
Medieval Studies / Cultural Studies: Basic Reading List (Cultural Frictions Conference, Georgetown U.)
JoAnn Moran, "Homosexuality and the Romance of the Rose" 
D. Vance Smith & Michael Uebel (U. Virginia), "Leaving the Fold" (internet version currently unavailable)
Sarah Stanbury (C. of the Holy Cross, Massachusetts), "Visibility Politics in Chaucer's Knight's Tale" 
Robert Stein (New York SUC, Purchase), "Medieval, Modern, Post-Modern: The Middle Ages in a Post Modern Perspective" 

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