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 •  Complexity Studies
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 •  Thomas Kuhn
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Science, Technology, & Culture
Philosophical Fields
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Complexity Studies
Bibliography of Measures of Complexity (Bruce Edmonds, Manchester Metropolitan U.)
Complexity Related Links 
Bruce Edmonds (Manchester Metropolitan U.), "What is Complexity? - The Philosophy of Complexity Per Se with Application to Some Examples in Evolution" 
Ends and Means: Journal of the University of Aberdeen Centre for Philosophy Technology and Society 
Paul Feyerabend
Feyerabend Forum (Web page for the archives of the Feyerabend list, with links to additional resources) (Marko Toivanen / Spoon Collective)
Feyerabend Listserv (Spoons Collective)
Gottlob Frege Page (on Philosophy page) 
Thomas Kuhn
@BRINT: A Business Researcher's Interests -- A Tribute to Thomas Kuhn ("compilation of papers from various disciplinary perspectives that have been influenced by the thinking of Thomas S. Kuhn") (Yogesh Malhotra)
Dan MacIsaac, "The Pedagogical Implications of Parallels between Kuhn's Philosophy of Science and Piagets' Model of Cognitive Development" (1991) 
Kurt Gödel (on Philosophy page) 
Dmitri V. Panchenko (Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg), "Thales and the Origin of Theoretical Reasoning" (1993) (Configurations)
Philosophy Of Chemistry
Hyle: An International Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry (full-text articles)
Philosophy of Chemistry Resources (Philosophy Dept., Smith C.)
Philosophy of Science and Mathematics (Brendan Larvor, U. Hertfordshire)
Philosophy of Psychiatry Bibliography ("ethical, social, political, legal, historical and philosophical issues in mental health and psychiatry") (Christian Perring)

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