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 •  Ansel Adams
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19th-Century Stereoscopic Photographs (exhibit created by students of Patch American High School, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart)
Shlomo Lee Abrahmov 
Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams page (includes over 30 photographs) (Choose Art, Goldensight, Inc.)
Allen Rose's Daily Work (daily shoots of a photographer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Arlington, Texas)
Andrew Xenios, Fine Art Photographs 
Atlanta Photography Group 
Black and White Art Zone: A Site Dedicated to Black & White Photography (Elias Eliadis)
Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace ("interactive multimedia photojournalism project that chronicles Bosnia's struggle for peace . . . features an electronic gallery of more than one hundred and fifty images by renowned photojournalist Gilles Peress, and a month-long worldwide discussion on war and peace in the former Yugoslavia"; the discussion includes participation through publicly accessible terminals at Sarajevo U. set up by the Soros Foundation as well as terminals at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, Netherlands, and at the United Nations in New York) (New York Times on the Web)
David Byrne, Photo Works (exhibition) (Francey)
Chris Kraft Photography 
Churches Ad Hoc: A Photo Essay by Herman Krieger (1996) 
Civil War Photographic Gallery (Carole Thompson Fine Photographs)
12 Hour ISBN JPEG Project "A round-the-clock posting of sequenced hypermodern imagery by Brad Brace."
Cypress College Photography 
The Digital Photography Exhibit (annual exhibit) (Bradley U. & Peoria Art Guild)
Don Hamerman Photographs (New York City)
Eliadis Archaeological Photography (Eliadis Elias)
Faces of Sorrow: Agony in the Former Yugoslavia (photos by 36 photojournalists from 14 countries depicting "unspeakable acts of destruction waged by the warring parties . . . through the recent peace accord"; also includes "corroboratory articles and texts from international source
Francesco Alberghina's Photo Gallery 
Gutter Tribe (photos from photojournalist Jana Birchum's 6 weeks in Jan.-Feb., 1995, spent "chronicling the lives of young homeless living on the streets of Austin, Texas") Austin Chronicle)
Harter Image Archives (Jim Harter)
The History of Photography Group 
Homage to Eadweard Muybridge (Steven Hirsch)
The Jazz Photography Of Ray Avery 
J. H. Images 
Judith Mann's Far Journeys ("Journey to Remote Lands/Experience Exotic Places Meet Fascinating People")
Life Photo Home Page 
Lorna Simpson Reference Page (art in context)
Mark Boyle Photography (landscape photos of Australia)
Memento Mori Fine Art Photography ("online photography gallery, research areas, and links page for students") (Christopher Webster, U. Wales, Aberystwyth)
Jacqueline Millner, "Photography is Dead! Long Live Photography" (1996) (intro to exhibit of Australian photographers) (Globe E-Journal)
Misha Gordin, Conceptual Photography (poetic / photographic sequence: "My involvement in conceptual photography dates back to Riga the capital of former Soviet Latvia. I left my homeland when I was 28 years old. I brought two images with me. The first two letters of an alphabet I am still developing today")
Margaret Morton, Fragile Dwelling (photographs by the artist of homeless communities: "Since 1989 I have photographed the daily lives of the homeless in New York City as they sought places of security, built and decorated dwellings, created gardens, searched for food, cooked meals, cared for pets, and embellished their lives with friendship and the rituals of survival")
Nagasaki Journey (selective Web version of bicoastal exhibit of 100+ pictures of the ruins of Nakasaki taken by Yosuke Yamahata on Aug. 10, 1945) (International Center of Photography, New York; Ansel Adams Center, San Francisco)
The New American Ghetto: Photographs of Camilo Jose Vergara ("My examination of scores of ghettos across the nation reveals three types: green ghettos, characterized by depopulation and by vacant land and ruins over-grown by nature; institutional ghettos, publicly financed places of confinemen designed
New York New York Photographs (Steven Hirsch)
Photographic Collection (MIT Museum)
Photographies - Marc Deneyer (portfolio from trip to Ilulissat, Greenland, 1994)
Portfolio in Piazza - Savignano sul Rubicone - FO - Italy 
Rev. Hannibal Goodwin: Inventor of Reel-to-Reel Film (Picture Palace)
Ricar-2/Ricar-Dos (page of photography links kept by two Venezuelan photographers) (Ricardo Gomez Perez & Ricardo Jimenez)
Santa Fe Workshops 
Cindy Sherman
The Stock Solution - Vintage Art and Photography ("stock photography catalog of Victorian art and photography. Angels, men, women, and children from the turn-of-the-century"; online images)
Story Line (Alan Dorow)
Wavering Line 
Weston and Mapplethorpe 
White House News Photographers' Assoc. 
Yorgos Kousagiannidis (photographer based in Thessaloniki, Greece)

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