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English Literature By Genre
Poetry Studies   Suggest a Link
Academy of American Poets 
American Verse Project (searchable archive of American poetry, primarily 19th century) (U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative)
Another Poetry Links Page (Michael Kinsella)
Art on the Net: The Poets 
Asian and Asian-American Poets (info on select poets) (Roth Publishing)
Asian Poets (Asian-American and Asian poets writing in English) (Lau Peet Meng, Yale U.)
Austin Poetry Scene 
Bartleby Verse
Homepage (Bartleby Library)
The Golden Treasury (1875) (ed., Francis T. Palgrave)
Modern American Poetry 
Modern British Poetry (1920) (ed., Louis Untermeyer)
The Oxford Book of English Verse (1919) (ed., Arthur Quiller-Couch)
Yale Book of American Verse (1912) (ed., Thomas R. Lounsbury)
Brazen Orality - The Spoken Word E-RAG of Your Dreams ("zine which attempts to document something of the spoken-word poetry world") (Josh Simpson)
Bright Hopes for Tomorrow (poetry by Mariko Itoh & illustrations by Morio Yamasaki related to Hiroshima monuments) (Hiroshima Shudo U.)
Carolyn Forche's Page 
Chadwyck-Healey: The American Poetry Full-Text Database (prospectus for CD-ROM resource)
Chadwyck-Healey: The English Poetry Full-Text Database (prospectus for CD-ROM resource)
CMU Poetry Index of Canonical Verse (The English Server, Carnegie Mellon U.)
John Constable (Kyoto U.)
"The Character and Future of Rich Poetic Effects" (1998) 
"Verse Form: A Pilot Study in the Epidemiology of Representations" (1997) 
Contemporary American Poetry Archive ("electronic archive designed to make out-of-print volumes of [North American] poetry available to readers, scholars, and researchers. The books are stored as individual text-only files") (Wendy Battin)
Electronic Poetry Center
Homepage (Poetics Program, State U. of New York at Buffalo)
Selected Links  
Charles Bernstein 
Charles Olson 
Ezra Pound 
John Ashbery 
John Cage 
Marjorie Perloff 
Robert Creeley 
Ron Silliman 
Susan Howe 
Biblioteca: A Project Extending Electronic Publishing ("Biblioteca testifies to the growing importance of electronic media in the composition and distribution of contemporary writing. It consists of chapbook-length texts published through the Electronic Poetry Center [Buffalo], including those already published in conjuction with Rif/t as well as hypermedia works and archival republications of significant typographic works") (Electronic Publishing Center)
Homepage (outbound connections to electronic poetry and poetics resources)
Computer Generation of Text 
Electronic Poetry Text Archives 
Literary Manuscript Collections 
Other Internet Poetry Webs 
Poetry Organizations 
Related Listservs 
LINEbreak: Interviews and Performance from the Literary Edge (series of half-hour length public radio interviews/performances by poets, fiction writers, performance artists, video artists, and others; interviews by Charles Bernstein; includes sound art available from the EPC Sound Room (Martin Spinelli / Electronic Poetry Center)
Electronic Poetry Center List of Poetry Magazines 
Poetics at Buffalo Program 
RIF/T: An Electronic Space for Poetry, Prose, and Poetics (Kenneth Sherwood and Loss Pequeo Glazier / Electronic Poetry Center)
Small Presses 
Tinfish: journal of experimental poetry with an emphasis on work from the Pacific region (Susan M. Schultz / Electronic Poetry Center)
Glossary of Poetic Terms (includes links to examples) (Robert G. Shubinski)
How2 (poetry journal focusing on "modernist and contemporary innovative writing practices by women"; includes writings about poetry and translations)
Index of Online Poetry (with teaching materials; Seamus Cooney)
Internet Poetry Archive (selected poetry and biographies of featured contemporary poets)
Irish Poems Site 
Leeds Database of Manuscript English Verse (BCMSV) ("contains detailed information about the individual items of English verse contained in the 17th and 18th-century manuscripts belonging to Leeds University Library") (Oliver Pickering)
Middle English Lyrics (Anniina Jokinen)
Miscellaneous Love Poetry (poems by Shelley, Marvell, Tennyson, Yeats and others) (Matt Luce)
Native-American Poems (texts by Native Americans mounted as part of a larger narrative, by Karen Strom)
Permutations (machine-generated verse and prose, acrostics, Markov chains, etc.; includes links to other machine-text sites)
Raymond Queneau, one hundred thousand billion poems 
Poems by Native Americans (David Chanlin)
Poetry Here and Then: A Collaboratory Project for New Researchers in the Humanities (introduces "new researchers to the principles of humanities research in special collections, using the poetry collections at the Bentley Historical Library as a point of entry") (U. Michigan)
Poetry is Bread ("This page is dedicated to the idea that poetry, like bread, should be eaten at least once each day.") (Richard Cummins)
Poetry Nook (Deb Craft)
Poetry Wall: Introduction to Modern Poetry (archive of poetry by 19th and 20th century poets) (U. Minnesota English Dept.)
Poet's Corner ("poems on display range from single stanzas to entire books, with a large selection of sonnets, narrative poems, and topical works")
Poets in Person (audio files of poets reading, plus brief info about the poets) (Modern Poetry Assoc. & American Library Assoc.)
Poets on the Line: A Continuing Anthology (Linda Lerner & Andrew Gettler)
Prose and Verse Criticism of Poetry (extensive archive of resources) (U. Toronto)
Representative Poetry (U. Toronto Press; a collection of poems by authors from the early Renaissance to the early 20th century)
RIF/T: Electronic Space for New Poetry, Prose, & Poetics (Texts) 
Sonnet Central (Eric Blomquist)
Homepage of Sonnet Central 
Early English Sonnets 
Elizabethan Sonneteers 
Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Century Sonnets 
Romantic Era Sonnets 
The Victorian Sonnet 
Nineteenth-Century American Sonnets 
Early Twentieth Century British and Irish Sonnets 
Early Twentieth-Century American Sonnets 
Sonnets of World War I 
Sonnet Bibliography 
Sonnet Criticism (1575 -) 
Sonnet Listening Room (Real Audio 3.0 files)
Sonnets from Ireland 
Thomas Swiss (Drake U.), "Poetry and Pop" (review article from Popular Music)
Twentieth-Century Poetry in English (large page of annotated links to poetry resources) (Michael Eiichi Hishikawa, Kobe U., Japan)
The Ultimate Poetry Links (The [U.S.] National Library of Poetry)
Versification ("refereed electronic journal dedicated to advancing interdisciplinary research into literary prosody") (Steven J. Willett & David Rothman)
Visual Poetry (Kenny G)
Evan J. Nisonson (Loyola Marymount U.), Introduction to Poetry 
Fred Wah (U. Calgary)
"Introduction to Poetry" 
"Poetry Writing" 

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