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 •  Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
Cultural Studies
Minority Studies
Postcolonial (and Colonial) Studies   Suggest a Link
General Resources
Commonwealth Essays and Studies ("critical studies concerning post-colonial literatures in English")
Contemporary Postcolonial & Postimperial Literature in English
Homepage of Contemporary Postcolonial & Postimperial Literature in English (extensive, well-organized site) (George P. Landow, Brown U.)
Historical Contexts 
Literature of the Indian Subcontinent in English 
Literature in Australia and New Zealand 
Political Contexts 
Postcolonial Theory
Homepage of Postcolonial Theory 
Selected Bibliography of Colonialism and Postcolonialism 
Gender Matters 
Postcolonial and Postimperial Authors 
Religious Contexts 
Science and Technology 
Visual Arts 
Introduction to Postcolonial Studies (well-crafted overview with sub-pages on issues and authors) (Deepika Petraglia-Bahri /
Postcolonial Studies Site
Homepage (well-developed site) (Deepika Petraglia-Bahri, English Dept.)
Terms & Issues 
African Postcolonial Literature in English (George Landow, Brown U.)
Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
Homepage of Anti-Imperialism in the U. S. (Jim Zwick, Syracuse U.)
African Americans in the Anti-Imperialist Movement 
Anti-Imperialist Writings by Edgar Lee Masters 
Mr. Dooley on Imperialism: Satire by Finley Peter Dunne ("Cartoon Finley Peter Dunne [1867-1936] began to write "Mr. Dooley" columns in Chicago newspapers long before the Spanish-American War began, but his national reputation was a product of that war")
Sentenaryo/Centennial ("A Collaborative Exploration of the Cultural and Political Impacts of the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War")
Stereoscopic Visions of War and Empire (juxtaposes stereoscopic images distributed at the turn of the century with excerpts from letters sent home by U.S. soldiers fighting in the Philippines and printed in local newspapers)
Voice of the Filipinos (editorials from El Renacimiento)
ASEDA: Aboriginal Studies Electronic Archive (Australian National Univ.)
Nandi Bhatia, "Kipling's Burden: Representing Colonial Authority and Constructing the 'Other' through Kimball O'Hara and Babu Hurree Chander in Kim" (U. Texas)
V. Carchidi, "Come Into My Web: Literary Postcolonialism in the Information Technology Age" (1997) 
Contemporary Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature in English (National U. of Singapore)
Cultural Readings: Colonization & Print in the Americas (U. Penn. Library exhibition from the collections of the Jay I. Kislak Foundation and the Rosenbach Museum & Library; includes images, explanations, and essays)
DevelopNet News: On-Line News and Views on Technology Transfer in International Development (newsletter)
Diaspora (Karla Tonella / Communication Studies, U. Iowa)
Edward W. Said (bibliography) (UC Irvine Critical Theory Resource/Eddie Yeghiayan, U. Calif. Irvine)
ERCOMER - the European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations 
Fourth World Documentation Project (Center for World Indigenous Studies)
Anthony R. Guneratne, "The Virtual Spaces of Postcoloniality: Rushdie, Ondaatje, Naipaul, Bakhtin and the Others" (1997) 
History of English Studies Page (a page for the study of the development of English literary studies as a cultural and global force; cultural-critical and postcolonial perspectives upon the problem are anchored upon a series of texts or excerpts from authors both past and present-
India and Its Neighbors
Homepage fo India and Its Neighbors (substantial, well-developed site) (Vinay Lal, UCLA)
Selected Resources On Colonial / Postcolonial History:)
Battle of Plassey (1757) 
Black Hole of Calcutta 
East India Company 
Indira Gandhi 
The Mughal Empire 
Public Interest Litigation 
Rajiv Gandhi 
Robert Clive 
Warren Hastings 
Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies (North Carolina State U.)
Postcolonial Conferences and New Publications in Post-Colonial Studies (U. Bourgogne, France)
Postcolonial List: Archives (U. Virginia)
"Post-Colonial Reader" (experimental hypertext project with brief quotes relevant to postcolonial topics) (Aruna Krishnamurthy, U. Florida)
Post-Colonial News and Literary Studies (French and English site; "large collection of primary and secondary material on postcolonial literature in English") (U. de Bourgogne)
Postcolonial Studies (includes resources and introductions to major topics and issues in Postcolonial Studies) (Emory U.)
Public Culture (journal of "transnational cultural studies"; includes article abstracts)
Rita Raley (U. California, Santa Barbara), "Third World / Postcolonial Literary Studies" (course) (temporarily unavailable)
SAGAR: South Asia Graduate Research Journal 
E. San Juan, Jr., "Postcolonial Theory Versus Philippine Reality: The Challenge of Third World Resistance Culture to Global Capitalism" 
Jenny Sharpe (UCLA), "The Limits of What Is Possible: Reimagining Sharam in Salman Rushdie's Shame" (1997) (Jouvert)
Ella Shohat (CUNY-Graduate Center), "Framing Post-Third-Worldist Culture: Gender and Nation in Middle Eastern/ North African Film and Video" (1997) (Jouvert)
Some Issues in Postcolonial Theory (John Lye, Brock U.)
U. Calif. Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (temporarily unavailable)
Tim Watson (Montclair State U. ), "Jamaica, Genealogy, George Eliot: Inheriting the Empire After Morant Bay" (1997) (Jouvert)
WWW Virtual Library: Migration and Ethnic Relations (Arthur J. Kosten)

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