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 •  Mary Shelley Filmography
Post-Romanticism   Suggest a Link
(20Th-Century Works Directly Related To Romanticism)
Fictional Representations of Romantics and Romanticism: A Partially Annotated Bibliography (a list of primarily 20th-century books, plays, films, featuring historical Romantic figures in fictional contexts; based on a NASSR-L discussion of science fiction and other popular genres with Romantic figures) (Romantic Circles)
Mary Shelley Filmography
All Movie Versions of Frankenstein (Internet Movie Database)
C. S. Forester, Horatio Hornblower Page (C. S. Forester Society) (info and links on the Hornblower novels) (William A. Carpenter)
Nick Spencer (Emory U.), "Clausewitz and Pynchon: Post-Romantic War in Gravity's Rainbow" (1996) (Carole Meyers)
Lesley Stern (U. New South Wales, Australia), "Emma in Los Angeles: Clueless as a Remake of the Book and the City" (1997) ("Cher Horovitz, handsome, clever and rich, had lived nearly sixteen years in LA with very little to distress or vex her") (Australian Humanities Review)

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