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Aegean Prehistory Web Resources (in English, Italian, or Dutch)(Andrea Viarello, Venice U., and U. of Sheffield, UK)
Crossroads of Continents (virtual exhibit relating the history of Siberia and Alaska, in the context of inter-continental migrations) (Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC)
Flints and Stones: Real Life in Prehistory (Museum of Antiquities online exhibition)
NOVA: Ice Mummies (virtual exhibits mirroring the NOVA series, focused on Peru, Thailand, and Siberia) (Public Broadcasting Service)
NOVA: Mystery of the First Americans (companion site to show about the so-called "Kennewick Man," including debates about theories of race, carbon dating, and other contexts for identification) (Public Broadcasting Service)
David W. Koeller (North Park U., Chicago, IL) Foraging Societies: From 30,000 BC (essays arranged by time period)
Megalithic Pages (photos and info on European megalithic sites) (Jan Bily)
Northern Clans, Northern Traces: Journeys in the Ancient Circumpolar World (virtual exhibit focused on the peopling of North America via Asia, within the Arctic Studies Center site) (Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC)
Stone Pages (links to articles and photos about European megalithic sites) (Paola Arosio and Diego Meozzi)

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