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 •  Glenn A. Kurtz (San Francisco State U.)
 •  Christy Sheffield Sanford
 •  Multimedia Law
Technology Of Writing
Hypermedia Research & Theory   Suggest a Link
English Server: Multimedia/Hypermedia Resources (Carnegie Mellon U.)
Michael Ester (Luna Imaging), "Image Use in Art - Historical Practice" 
Fast Multiresolution Image Querying ("We are exploring a strategy for searching through an image database, in which the query is expressed either as a low-resolution image from a scanner or video camera, or as a rough sketch painted by the user") (Jacobs, Finkelstein, Salesin, U.
Hypermedia Research Centre 
A Hypermedia Timeline (Kevin Hughes)
Hypertext and Hypermedia: A Select Bibliography (extensive bibliography of the literature on this topic; includes live links where possible) (Scott Stebelman; George Washington U.)
The Informedia Project ("The overarching goal of the Informedia initiatives is to achieve machine understanding of video and film media, including all aspects of search, retrieval, visualization and summarization in both contemporaneous and archival content collections") (Carnegie Mellon U.)
Glenn A. Kurtz (San Francisco State U.)
Multimedia Theory and Experimental Fiction (well-selected set of links on these topics)
Multimedia Theory and Criticism (1997) (course)
Jerome McGann (UVA), "The Rossetti Archive and Image-based Electronic Editing" 
MIT Media Lab 
Multimedia Law
J. Dianne Brinson and Mark F. Radcliffe, "Multimedia Law Handbook: A Practical Guide for Developers and Publishers" 
Fred Greguras & Sandy J. Wong, "Multimedia Content and the Super Highway: Rapid Acceleration or Foot on the Brake?" 
WWW Multimedia Law (Sandy Jane Wong)
NYU Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) 
Christy Sheffield Sanford
Homepage of Christy Sheffield Sanford (mixed genre artist/creative writer using advanced Web techniques to experiment with text-graphics interaction)
Madame de Lafayette Book of Hours Page (unique, image- and frame-intensive, hypertext meditation inspired by "the life, time or characters of Madame de Lafayette)
Red Mona (a mixed genre work using "flash-cards" with text, images, sound inspired by the Guy de Maupassant story, Petit Soldat)
"Safara in the Beginning," a Moving-Book ("a web-novel set in the seventeenth century")

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