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General Resources
Richard Rorty Page (Kevin S. Decker)
Rorty Links (Martin Ryder, U. Colorado, Denver))
Secondary Literature
Gayle Bender, "A Summary of Criticisms of Richard Rorty" (1995) (brief summary)
Inga Clendinnen, "Fellow Sufferers: History and Imagination" (1996) ("considers why philosopher Richard Rorty has omitted History from his catalogue of imaginative genres which sharpen and develop our moral capacities") (Australian Humanities Review)
John Haber, "Men and Utopias: Richard Rorty on Feminism" (1992) (originally pub. in Michigan Quarterly Review)
John Rothfork (New Mexico Tech.), " Postmodern Ethics: Richard Rorty & Michael Polanyi" (1995) 
"An Imaginative Philosopher: the Legacy of W.V. Quine" (2001) (Chronicle of Higher Education)

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