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 •  Interfacing Reality
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Artificial Life, Artificial Intelligence, Complexity Studies, Robotics, Nanotech
Robotics   Suggest a Link
Australian Telerobotics (Ken Taylor, Robotics and Automation Lab)
Interfacing Reality
Homepage of Interfacing Reality (tele-embodiment projects) (Eric Paulos, John Canny, U. California, Berkeley)
PRoP: Personal Roving Presence (control a moving blimp with a camera)
Eduardo Kac
Ornitorrinco in Eden: A Networked Telepresence Installation realized on the Internet on Oct. 23, 1994 
Ornitorrinco and Rara Avis: Telepresence Art on the Internet (critical essay)
Ken Goldberg (roboticist and "telepresence" artist, USC)
The Robot Group ("To promote excellence and innovation in the integration of advanced technology with the arts . . . To provide a forum for interaction between artists and technologists . . .")
Robotics FAQ (Kevin Downing, Carnegie Mellon U.)
Robotics Institute (Carnegie Mellon U.)
Robotics Related Sites (U. California, Berkeley)
Robots.net ("robot news and robotics info")
Robot Wars (the high-tech demolition derby event)
Survival Research Laboratories ("creative technicians dedicated to redirecting the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations")
The Tele-Garden (new experiment in telepresence from the creator of the Robot Tele-Excavation Project: use a robot arm to plant seeds in a garden and watch them grow. Note: you must return regularly to water your plant or it will die) (Ken Goldberg, USC)
UC Berkeley Robotics and Intelligent Machines Laboratory 

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