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 •  Adriana Craciun
 •  Stuart Curran (U. Penn)
 •  Michael Gamer (U. Penn)
 •  Steven Jones (Loyola U., Chicago)
 •  Laura Mandell (Miami U., Ohio)
 •  Jerome J. Mcgann (U. Virginia)
 •  David S. Miall (U. Alberta)
Courses in English & American Literature
Romantics Courses   Suggest a Link
Adriana Craciun (U. Nottingham)
Nineteenth-Century British Women's Poetry 
Prose of the Romantic Period: Women Writers 
Women in Literature, 1790-1996 
Paul Brians (Washington State U.), Reason, Romanticism, & Revolution (includes study guides)
Ron S. Broglio & Bill Ruegg (U. Florida), Writing About Visionary Selves and Virtual Landscapes (course on Romantic and post-Romantic writers, including Blake, W. Wordsworth, Coleridge, M. Shelley, Kerouac, Delillo, Ginsberg; taught in a "networked writing environment" utilizing online pedagogical tools and assignments)
Canon Dreaming (I) (links to "online course syllabi in the Romanticism field that either revise the canon or explore the history and theory of canon-making"; part of the
Stuart Curran (U. Penn)
English Romanticism: The First Generation 
Romantic Poets 
Neil Fraistat and Susan Sniader Lanser (U. Maryland), Romanticism and Revolution, 1789-1807 
Michael Gamer (U. Penn)
The Enlightened Sublime: Poetry and the French Revolution 
Gothicism and Romanticism 
Romantic Poetry 
Romantic Production: Communities of Reaction, Revolution, and Reform ("materials and contexts of the first generation of Romantic Writing, focusing particularly on notions of literary production and how they relate to theories of community. We will pay particularly close attention to the rhetorical traditions
Sex, Violence, Law, and Gothic 
Gary Harrison (U. New Mexico), Studies in British Romanticism (graduate course)
Steven Jones (Loyola U., Chicago)
Industrial Romanticism (course on late 18th- and early 19th-century literature and the Industrial Revolution)
Studies in the Romantic Period 
Laura Mandell (Miami U., Ohio)
The Early Romantic Period: 1789-1816 
Rethinking Literary History: The Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century British Novel (course)
Jerome J. McGann & Patricia Meyer Spacks (U. Virginia), The Novel of Sensibility 
Jerome J. Mcgann (U. Virginia)
Incarnate Textualities: Blake, Dickinson. D. G. Rossetti 
David S. Miall (U. Alberta)
Gothic Fiction (course)
Romantic Poetry and Prose (course)
The Shelleys (course)
Wordsworth and The Prelude (course; includes abstracts of critical literature on the poem and Romanticism)
Ashton Nichols (Dickinson C., Penn.), Wordsworth and Hardy (course that reads across the Romantic/Victorian divide; makes extensive use of technological tools to link classes at Dickinson C., Gettysburg C. and Franklin & Marshall C.)
Janice Patten (San Jose State U.), Romanticism 
Romanticism Courses (Michael Gamer, U. Penn)
Morri Safran (U. Texas, Austin), Masterworks of Literature: British (includes use of Morri Safran and Daniel Anderson's
Will Scilacci (U. California, Santa Barbara), Rise of the Reader High and Popular Readers in the Romantic Period (hypothetical course designed as part of graduate seminar on "Canon Revision")
William B. Warner (U. California, Santa Barbara), Cyborg Genealogies: The Gothic (studies "a selective group of novels and films and theoretical texts so as to trace the modern cyborg back to the gothic monster") (Transcriptions Project, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Daniel E. White (U. Penn), Writing about British Romantic Poetry 

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