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Science, Technology, & Culture
Journals & Zines
Sci-Tech Journals & Zines   Suggest a Link
Artificial Life Online (MIT Press)
Electric Living in Canada (very graphics intensive) (Vancouver Film School)
Electronic Journals (WWWVL)
Ends and Means: Journal of the University of Aberdeen Centre for Philosophy Technology and Society 
ETCetera ("This site hosts the journal of ETCetera, the Early Typewriter Collectors Association--"America's Premier Source for Collecting Information"") (Darryl Rehr, Editor Emeretis; Chuck Dilts and Rich Cincotta, eds.)
Freebase: Online Journal of Culture and Technology 
Steve Hitchcock, Leslie Carr, & Wendy Hall (U. Southampton, "A Survey of Science, Technology, and Medicine Online Journals, 1990-95" 
Hyle: An International Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry (full-text articles)
International Association for the Management of Technology (IAMOT) Newsletter 
Journal of Electronic Defense (military electronic technology) (perform a search to get to a pre-member Journal tour)
Journal of Memetics: Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission (peer-reviewed)
Medical Law Review 
Monitors: A Journal of Human Rights and Technology 
Perforations (journal of culture & technology)
Perspectives on Science (tables of contents only)
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology 
SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online ("Collection of scientific journals in a variety of subject areas, offering free access to full texts of articles and to indicators of usage and impact. Sponsored by FAPESP and BIREME.")
Science as Culture 
South to the Future ("weekly feed of technology and media news commentary and satire")
Homepage (tech, media, society)
Speed (gopher gateway) 
Speed 1.1: Myths of Electronic Living 
Speed 1.2: Science and Re-Enchantment 
Techne: Society for Philosophy & Technology -- A Quarterly Electronic Journal 
Technology Review: MIT's National Magazine of Technology & Policy 
Technology and Culture (The Journal for the Society of the History of Technology is a scholarly journal dedicated to the historical study of technology in its relationships with society and culture. Although we are a journal of history, we incline toward an interdisciplin
TechnoScience: Newsletter of the Society for Social Studies of Science 

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