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 •  Charles Babbage,
 •  Discussion of the New Poor Law on VICTORIA List
 •  Caroline Norton
 •  Charles Darwin
 •  George Macauley
Selected Victorian Writers on Social Issues   Suggest a Link
Charles Babbage,
Charles Darwin
Thomas E. Hart. The Anti-Darwin: The Literary and Philosophical Opposition to Darwinism (scroll down for PDF links) (work-in-progress: "the introduction, which is somewhat ill-tempered, the whole of Chgapter 1, and the written part of Chapter 2, are now online. Chapter 1: "covers the religious and scientific scene prior to the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species)
The Origin of Species (Peter Galbavy)
The Voyage of the Beagle
Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle (Peter Galbavy)
Discussion of the New Poor Law on VICTORIA List
George Macauley
George Macauley Minute on Indian Education (1835) 
Caroline Norton
A Celebration of Women Writers: Caroline Norton (biographical essay, with images) (Mary Mark Ockerbloom, U. Pennsylvania)
English Laws for Women in the Nineteenth Century (1854) (Victorian Women Writers Project)
The Lady of La Garaye (1866) (Victorian Women Writers Project)
Letters to the Mob (1848) (Victorian Women Writers Project)
A Letter to the Queen on Lord Chancellor Cranworth's Marriage & Divorce Bill (1855) (Victorian Women Writers Project)
A Plain Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Infant Custody Bill (1839) (Victorian Women Writers Project)

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