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 •  Sites of Significance for Semiotics
Semiotics   Suggest a Link
Applied Semiotics / Sémiotique Appliquée (peer-reviewed online journal)
David Chandler (U. Wales, Aberystwyth), "Semiotics for Beginners" 
Charles S. Peirce Page 
Classes of Signs (David Arnason, U. Manitoba)
Ferdinand de Saussure (see under Early to Mid 20th-C. above) 
Earl Jackson, Jr. (U. California, Santa Cruz), Semiotics and Psychoanalysis (course)
Roman Jakobson (see under Early to Mid 20th-C. above) 
Thomas Sebeok, "Communication" 
Semiotics (metapage) (U. Colorado, Denver)
Sites of Significance for Semiotics
Homepage (well-organized collection of links to large-scale resources relevant to semiotics and related fields) (Pascal Michelucci)
Calls for Papers in Semiotics 
Fun and Beyond 
Sites of Significance for Semiotics: People and Groups 
Semiotics Texts (Applied Semiotics)
Research groups 
Semiotic Issues 
Semiotics and Cognitive Sciences 
Semiotics and Culture 

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