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General Zine Resources
Alternative Culture E-Zines (Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center)
Alternative Press Center ("alternative & radical" journals)
AssemblyLanguage - Tokyo Avant-Garde Culture and Japanese Contemporary Art ("news, images, texts, and reviews concerning avant-garde culture and contemporary art from Tokyo, Japan")
The Book of Zines: Readings from the Fringe ("zine and e-zine resource guide") (Chip Rowe)
Electronic Journals and 'Zines (Gopher) 
Fact Sheet Five (zine that reviews zines) (Web's Edge)
John Labovitz's E-Zine List 
Newsletters, Journals, and Zines on the Internet (in French)
Poetry Mags (Electronic Poetry Center, SUNY Buffalo)
Virginia Tech On-Line Literature Project (online literary journals and magazines)
The Abraxus Reader (Village Idiot Ink.)
Advocate Internet (gender studies)
Aisle Say (zine concentrating on NY-area theater) (TheatreNet Enterprises)
Amarillo Bay  (creative writing) (Jerry Craven, West Texas A&M University)
The Art Bin (art, literature, music, language, history, cultural politics) (Karl-Erik Tallmo)
Ascending Node (sci-tech and culture) (Guy McArthur)
Asian Voices (Asian Cultural Union, NYU)
Axcess Magazine 
Azimuth (Carol Lea Clark, Barbara Kass)
Basilisk ("online quarterly covering architectural theory and design, philosophy, the fine arts, music, perception and neuroscience, literature, and film") (Edward Keller)
Beatrice (creative writing) (Ron Hogan)
BeeHive (sophisticated online zine for "fiction, theory, poetry, hypertext") (Percepticon)
Big Bridge: A Webzine of Poetry and Everything Else 
Blithe House Quarterly: A Site for Gay Short Fiction 
blood + aphorisms (creative writing)
Blue Penny Quarterly (creative writing)
Brazen Orality - The Spoken Word E-RAG of Your Dreams ("zine which attempts to document something of the spoken-word poetry world") (Josh Simpson)
Bricolage (info and resources about the Internet relevant to writers) (Trevor Lawrence)
Brightleaf: A Southern Review of Books (U.S. "New South" literature and culture)
The Burning Blimp Manifesto ("Irritating you since 1995 with politics, fiction, poetry, comics, and more. The Burning Blimp Manifesto keeps one eye on the man and the other in a safety deposit box in Kansas. Ahhh, screw it: you decide what it's all about")
The Church-Wellesley Review: A Quarterly Review of Lesbian and Gay Writing 
The Civilized Explorer (travel)
Coffee Shakes (Sage Lunsford)
Conjunctions (creative writing) (Bard C.)
The Cortland Review - An Online Literary Magazine in RealAudio 
CrossConnect (contemporary art and writing) (U. Penn)
Crude Rom (gender-related)
Cyber Culture Magazine 
Cyberkind: Poetics and Prosaics for a Wired World 
Darpan ("literary magazine devoted to reflections on India") (students at U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
The Dead Mule (essays, fiction, poetry, photographs)
Deep South Journal (New Zealand)
Depth Probe 
Disgruntled: The Business Magazine for People who Work for a Living ("magazine that combines news, feature, satire and commentary about the darker side of the world of work") (Daniel S. Levine, editor; Counterpoint Press, Inc.)
DoubleTake (Center for Documentary Studies, Duke U.)
ECHO  (arts & culture) (Interactive Telecommuncations Program, NYU)
Echoes Magazine ("bimonthly magazine filled with terrific stories, poems, and drawings by people in all walks of life--beginner and seasoned professional alike")
Electric Living in Canada (very graphics intensive) (Vancouver Film School)
Electronic Gay Community Magazine 
The Electronic Visual Arts Journal 
Elektra (hypermedia, technology of writing) (Ishir Bhan/Digitas)
Epicurious (classy restaurant, recipe, and general life-is-eating zine) (CondéNet)
eScene (creative writing) (Jeff Carlson)
E-Town (the home electronics guide)
Euphony Magazine: Arts Music Movie Sex Satire Clubs Events Interviews Reviews Concert Culture 
Feed (general-interest commentary on culture)
Generic Picture ("Punk Art, Poetry, Music, Zines, Prose, and Anything else you can drum up")
Hootenanny (creative writing) (Ken Weathersby & David Keith)
How2 (poetry journal focusing on "modernist and contemporary innovative writing practices by women"; includes writings about poetry and translations)
Hyperzine (electronics)
Indy Magazine (bimonthly print magazine covering alternative comics; includes online resources)
International Sculpture Magazine 
The Internet Writing Journal (online journal for the writing community; includes interviews, articles for writers, product reviews, etc.) (Writers Write, Inc.)
InterText: The Online Fiction Magazine 
The Little Magazine (creative writing)
Matrices: A Lesbian and Lesbian Feminist Research and Network Newsletter 
Missing Link: Cyberspace, Philosophie, Kultur (zine in German) (Claudia Klinger)
Munich Found Online ("Bavaria's leading english-language, monthly Magazine dedicated to providing its international audience with a discerning mix of culture, history, commentary, art, and politics")
The Nando Times 
The Netizen ("where travelers in cyberspace can keep an eye on the old-media, old-economy circus that is the US presidential election") (HotWired Ventures)
Homepage (experimental poetry journal) (Laura Moriarty)
non 2: The Sublime (special issue of online experimental poetry zine)
NWHQ (art, creative writing) (Elizabeth Fischer)
The Open Scroll (creative writing)
OutNOW! (gay studies)
Passages: A Technopoetics Journal (Chris Funkhouser)
Pen & Sword Hypersite (creative writing) (James Gardner)
Pif Magazine (creative writing)
PlanetOut (gay studies)
Poesia.com ("concurso de poesía mundo latino"; in Spanish)
Poets on the Line: A Continuing Anthology (Linda Lerner & Andrew Gettler)
Pug: Fact, Fiction, Frenzy (zine with "underground" ethos)
Pyroworlds (creative writing)
Quanta Magazine (creative writing)
Quarterly Literary Review Singapore 
Raw Vision  ("quarterly journal of visionary, outsider, and self-taught art")
Realist Wonder Society (creative writing)
Retro: The Magazine of Classic 20th Century Popular Culture (motto: "anything that was ever cool")
The Richmond Review (Steven Kelly)
RIF/T: An Electronic Space for Poetry, Prose, and Poetics (Kenneth Sherwood and Loss Pequeo Glazier / Electronic Poetry Center)
Salon (Issue 8) (literature and general culture)
Sapphic Ink: a lesbian literary journal (Lesbian.org)
Sendecki.com (poetry webzine that features artists, writers, & poets from Canada & the International community) (Daniel Sendecki)
Slant: The On-Line Version ("zine about critical, radical multicultural [as opposed to 'liberal'] feminist discourse coming from an ex-punk, post-riot grrrl queer Vietnamese 'naturalized' refugee-citizen [meaning I am 'unnatural' left in the wild] with ambiguous privileg
Snakeskin - The Poetry Webzine (George Simmers)
South to the Future ("weekly feed of technology and media news commentary and satire")
Speed (theory, technology, media, and society)
Stand Magazine (poetry)
Stange's Nebula ("an independent arts & science unperiodical, the electronic reincarnation of Nebula Magazine") (Ken Stange)
Stark Raving Sanity; An Electronic Literary Journal (creative writing) (Mike DuBose, U. North Florida)
Switched-on Gutenberg: A Global Poetry Journal (Jana Harris)
t@p online (zine devoted to "blatant gen-x crap-ola")
Tian Magazine (Harvard Chinese-American magazine)
Tinfish: journal of experimental poetry with an emphasis on work from the Pacific region (Susan M. Schultz / Electronic Poetry Center)
The Torah from Dixie Plantation (newsletter discussing the weekly Torah portion from the perspective of the Atlanta Jewish community) (Benjamin Cohen)
TRANS> (multilingual "site for critical discourse and artistic production dislocated and detached from fixed geographical boundaries")
Tripod: Tools For Life (zine oriented around gen-X-age interests)
Turtleneck.net: An Online Journal of Literary Culture 
Undercurrent: An Online Journal for the Analysis of the Present (Erick Heroux)
Urban Desires: An Interactive Magazine of Metropolitan Passions 
U.S. Latino Review (art, poetry, short fiction)
Vagabond (William Markiewicz)
Web Del Sol (creative writing)
WEBsurf (zine with resources and technical tips for people "obsessed" with the Web) (
Westcapes: Natural History of the American West ("electronic magazine created to provide a free, online forum for the discussion and dissemination of literature, photography, and cinematography relevant to the natural history of the American West") (Viewfinder Inc.)
Whitefish Magazine - 1996 Literary Contest 
Women's Wire ("online magazine for women")
Word (one of the canonical online zines for paradigm-setting influence; very advanced graphic design) (ICon CMT Corp.)
Writer's Digest  ("the insider's guide to the writing life")
XY: An Australian Magazine About Men and Masculinities 
Ygdrasil: A Journal of the Poetic Arts ("dedicated to providing the best in Modern International Poetry and Literature")
ZipZap (Williams and Fenn Publications)

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